Monday, July 10, 2017

Hello everyone, 
Nothing much to say about this week. We did a lot of finding this week, have three new people we taught this week. On Monday we had P-day at Greenock for a few hours. Greenock is a town that Sister Paxman and Sister Allen are serving in, it's a pretty cute little port town with a lot of interesting churches. We taught a Polish man named Redick on Monday as well, he met missionaries awhile ago but hasn't been free untill now to meet up. He was really cool to teach, Redick's Family of course is Roman Catholic but he's atheist but loves Jesus. Another Polish man we taught this week is Adam, he's not a cool as Redick. We brought a recent convert Linsey to teach with us. Bad idea, he only wanted to meet with us because he wanted to meet with some Beautiful Ladies. Adam really wants to get married and have a family, he's about 36... We were all 10 years or more younger than him. He texted us a few hours after the lesson and said, "There was no God in the lesson...No hugs, no numbers...I don't want Sisters I already have sister, they give me better advice than the Pope. I'm just going to get drunk tonight. I just came because I wanted to meet some beautiful women." Sister Ligertwood and I, weren't that disappointed when he texted us. You could just tell in the lesson he wasn't interested in God. We taught a young man named Ryan this week and he just came because he said he had nothing better to do. But by the end of the lesson he accepted a Baptism date. It would we cool if he comes next week to another lesson.We also taught Stewart, our druggy friend who likes to study the Book of Mormon.
So on Saturdays Paisley is trying to have a festival every week till August. A little too much in my opinion... This week they had a SMA shot festival, no one really knows what that is. Basically there was music everywhere, and a mini parade. The ward had a garden party on Saturday as well, Colin an investigator of ours came was well. It was lots of fun. Colin had a date for this coming Friday but he won't make it, he's having alot of stuff going on right now since it's the beginning of the summer. This coming week is the last week Sister Ligertwood and I will be together most likely. Moves call is already coming up on Saturday, where did the time go?!?!
On Tuesday AND Thursday we were just walking around not hurting any one and we saw a Seagull TWICE eating a pigeon. The first time the Pigeon was still flapping he's wings trying to excape whilst the gull was eating his flesh!!
Hope you all are doing well,
Sister Johnson

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