Wednesday, April 12, 2017

April 2017

This week has been super tiring, since last week we didn't have much of a chance to do missionary work with all the conferences my mind, body and spirit wasn't prepared to do missionary work again. Exciting things are happening next week though! Chris, our investigator we started teaching 2 weeks ago is getting baptised this Saturday!! This guy was so prepared to recieve this message, and feels the Spirit so strongly. We taugh Paula and Neil this week as well, they're progressing well too. On Wednesday we were GQing all day, when Sister Parker met an old man and his daughter with disabilities on the Street for the secong time. He shared an experience last time how a few nights after his wife passed away his daughter was visited by her, she appeared to her and in sign told her that she loved her, then touched her leg. The man said that his daughter does have dreams or make stories. He said that since the first time he spoke to Sister Parker he couldn't get the meeting out of his mind and swore he would buy us coffee next time he saw her. Well he kept his word and we sat down in a coffee shop with him (I didn't drink coffee) we tried to explain the Plan of Salvation to him, but he was stubborn saying he has his own beliefs. But he agree with us on the Pre-earth life, even though we are the only Christian Church that believes in it... he goes to a church of his own... Afterwards had a street lesson with a man who doesn't believe in a God and kept arguing with us untill Sister Parker rebuked him and said if he doesn't quit arguing then he'll never learn the truth. We later recieved a series of text messages asking if he converts would she marry him, and it would be better if she believed in faries, wears flowers in her hair, dance around a camp fire in a field and sing about mother nature... Poor Sister Parker... 
We also had another Street lesson with a Drunk African lady who loves Jesus... So I came midway in to a converstation when Sister Parker was asking if we could met up with her some time, and I then offered to met up with her now. We started walking with her to a cafe, only then did I notice she was acting off and smelt like Alchole. Yep. We went into Cafe nero and things started off fine, we were explaining what makes us different than other faiths, showed her a book of Mormon she asked if she could have it, we said yes. The Woman then opened her purse trying to fit the Book of Mormon inside. Then pulled out a Sandwich and told Sister Parker to eat it. Sister Parker said no. but the woman insisted. In the end Sister Parker started eating the sandwich. We tried to teach her about baptism and she asked why we are speaking to her out of all the other people. We explained that we share this message to everyone, the woman called out to a man sitting on a table behind us. "Do you love Jesus?!" So we left soon after because she was making a scene, in the end I ate some of the sandwich as well. It was the best sandwich I've ever tasted on my mission, I have no idea where she bought it.
Another Sandwich I had this week was when our investigator Graham took us out for lunch. I got a Turkey, Bre and Cranberry wrap, it's really tasty everyone needs to try it. Anyway because of that he set himself a baptism date for this coming Saturday. We'll see if he makes it... It was really sunny for alot of this week, I'm starting to get a bit sunburnt. The Beach is full of people from all over Scotland it seems like. 
That was my week, hope everyone else had a good week and HAPPY EASTER! πŸŒΈπŸŒΌπŸŒ»πŸŒΊπŸŒΉπŸ‡
A tradition they have here is to boil an egg, paint it and then on easter roll it down a hill. Pretty silly. They do it to represent the rolling of the stone when Christ was resurrected. 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

April 3rd, 2017

Hiya Everyone!

This week we weren't able to do much work in our area. There was a Scotland South Conference in Edinburgh on Tuesday, for the missionaries in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Paisley Zones. They spoke about what we call the Big 5, stuff we use unique to our mission (My Conversion Formula, How to get a qualified appointment, At Church Checklist and Holy Ghost Principle), also a bit about Jospeh Smith history, giving Joseph Smith a voice when we teach the Restoration, How to set Goals (Desire, Vision, Goals, Plan and Action) I like when president said in one email. A Goal without a plan is Fish without Chips. After the conference my district and some members of my zone had interviews with the Mission President. Sister Parker and I ended up being the last people to get interviewed, for dinner President and Sister Donaldson took us and the APs for dinner at 5 guys. It's like a little piece of home. Since President was going to Glasgow that night he offered to drive us to Glasgow train station. So off we went. On the way we got lost... I'm not going to say whose fault it was. (not mine) And we had to spend the night at the Glasgow STL Flat. Hahaha!!
The next day we had to run out of the train station in Ayr to our appointment with Dani (the Pakastani man we met a couple weeks ago). It was really cool. He asked us what was the difference between the catholic church and the lds church. We planned on teaching the Restoration so it was perfect. I think it went pretty well. We invited him to hear the prophet and his Apostles speak at General conference this weekend. We also saw Chris this week which was really cool. He's progressing so much and the Spirit was so strong in the lessons. Everything we teach him, he says it makes sense. He went to General Conference on Sunday at the church, he went to the Priesthood and the Sunday Morning Session. (For those who don't know what General Conference is, it's a world wide broadcast that happens twice a year. Members of the Twelve (Quorum of the Twelve Apostels)  and the First Presidency (Prophet and his two counsellors) Speak and as well as some of the members of the other Presidences (Primary, Young men, young woman and Relief Society) and also the Seventy. They talk about church things, invite us to act, do announcements and there is a choir singing as well. Each session is two hours long we have General Womans conference and Priesthood Conference as well) We met a new first Nioimi, she's amazing! Nioimi is 22, a college student and is so open to the Spirit. In our first lesson with her this week she exclaimed that she felt like her heart was beating so fast when we were teaching about Joseph Smith, she went to Conference for one of the sessions and loved it. I'm so excited about some of the People we've been teaching I could talk forever about them.
General Conference was really good. I think as a Missionary sitting through hours and hours of conference is alot eaiser to consentrate and not get distracted. I loved Carol McConkie's talk in the Women's general Session about making ourselves Holy, Dale G. Renlund on how Jesus Christ looks upon our sins, Russel M. Nelson about how the Atonement is nothing without talking about the Saviour and who he is, Robert D. Hales becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ we need to be not only emulating him in our actions but in our hearts and how each of the attributes help strengthen one another such as Faith increase as we strive to be more Virtuous. When we develop Tempreance we develop Patience. Elder Holand on the Chourous of Mortality, Peace can only be achieved if all Loves God and Keep his commandments. God is determind to make us more than we think we can be. Gary B. Stalin, Standing up on the inside. Joy D. Jones helping children become sin resistant.
So good ❤
We had exchanges in Glasgow this week. I actually really like Glasgow. It's a really cool city with such a diversity of Nationalities. So much history and variety. Got to stop and talk to so many different people. I'll send some photos I took of the cool musium that we got to teach in.