Monday, March 13, 2017

Sister Miranda Johnson and her companion Sister Lawson last night at a baptism of a 10 yr old boy they had been teaching.

March 13th, 2017 Welcoming a new companion, Sister Parker from Utah

I'm getting a new companion and staying in Ayr this transfer. I get Sister Parker, who was previously in Glasgow so she doesn't have to move very far. She'll also be going home in 4.5 months. I hope that I don't get too bored of the Area, this will be the longest I've ever stayed in a Area this coming transfer. I'm really nervous and excited to have a new companion though. Sister Lawson was really upset to leave Ayr, she was crying the whole day on Sunday. She's going to Oban which I seen pictures people have showed her of the town, it's a beautiful place, she's going to fall inlove with that town as well. 

So this week we taught two new people. James and Robert. They are both recovering Heroin Addicts, well... one is the other one is still taking Heroin. It's disappointing because James wants to stop but he keeps taking it and he's been to mental hospitals, rehab and prison. We were suppose to teach him yesterday but he took it just when he left his flat to meet us, and showed up to the appointment higher than the moon. Robert is taking Methadone which is a medicated form of Heroin, it last longer in the system and the pharmacist controls the dosage. Robert was taught by missionaries a few months ago, but they suddenly stopped teaching him. He's a really nice guy and sincere about God, he's been going to a Catholic church for a few months now. 

We had like 3 new people we were suppose to teach this last week, but they cancelled and rescheduled to this week. So hopefully Sister Parker and I will be teaching a lot more people soon. We were suppose to see Naomi Lee this weekend, the mother that lives in Cumnock but when we called her home her partner answered and said she wasn't home. I hope that we'll find out from her whether or not she wants to meet again.

Isabella and Hope Kerr, we saw on Friday night and they seem to both be doing alright, Isabel made it to Church on Sunday but Hope has only been once. The less active family that lives next to the Church, the Kennady's had us over for dinner on Thursday night didn't make it to church as well. Sandra Burns is another less active that usually has us for lunch didn't come too. It's really a test of patience to work with Less actives, because they commit to do things and they just don't do it. The key to it I think is to figure out what will motivated them to come.

On Thursday we went around Dalmiling, chapping on Less Active, and in-active members houses. We got some they don't live here any more and I don't want anything more to do with the Church! If people don't want anything more to do with they church why are they still a member? It doesn't make sense to me... In order for some one to not be a member anymore, they need to write a letter to the bishop and request to no longer be on the records. But if they just leave it be, they'll keep getting visits from us. We chapped one door and a lady named Maggie, let us in, she's a member but suffers from Anxiety so it's hard for her to go to church with a large group of people she doesn't know very well. She wants to quit smoking so we'll see if we can help her with that. 

That was my week, not very interesting and full of finding. The weather was pretty good didn't get a lot of rain, it's starting to look like spring.  

Photos of a Scottish Home.

This is one of the Scottish homes we visited.