Wednesday, October 12, 2016

University of St. Andrews Oct 10, 2016

First of all every need to wish my mum a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! She's an amazing person and deserves the best birthday ever!

This week as gone by way to quickly. White washing has been very difficult experience especially when you're a trainee, I don't know what's productive and who is who or what's the best time to call people and I keep forgetting to call and remind people about appointments and the Bus schedule is some times really hard to understand especially when it's in 24 hour time. I would come back to the flat every single night exhausted and it's difficult to be obedient when you feel sick and it's a trainee and they don't really understand what is right and what's wrong. Last Monday we went to St Andrews, ate some famous ice-cream, walked on the beach, and ate at Nandos. Apparently St Andrews is a famous place but I knew nothing about it before my mission... Now I know a lot. St Andrews now has their own missionaries, because the Mission President want to try out some areas around the mission, I wonder how receptive the University of St. Andrews students are to the Gospel... It'll be interesting to see what happens. 
On Thursday we had exchanges with the STL's (Sister Training Leaders) in Edinburgh, Sister Sams is a brand new STL and Sister Muller is a friend of mine and is going home at the end of this transfer, back to Germany. I got to be with her for the whole day and it was too much fun. Sister Muller and I was wearing matching Bratwurst Coats. I felt like a sausage, the night before Sister Truman and I did a really hard work-out and all of my limbs ached and felt like jelly. It's was also funny because all of the Scottish people were wearing T-Shirts and/or Shorts and we were in these huge coat freezing! It was a pretty sunny day but the temperature was low and it was kinda windy.

Then on Friday we went back to Dundee and felt utterly exhausted... That evening the Gilmores ordered us pizza and we had a pizza party in our bedroom and watch a movie about the Book of Mormon. I'm turning into such a boring person now, that anything I can watch is super entertaining now. I'm getting really excited for Christmas because we get to have a G or PG, movie marathon to celebrate Christmas. WHOOOHOOO!! 

Sister Truman (from St. George, Utah) and Sister Johnson

On Saturday we went to the Pancake house with our investigator Michael, and Sister Turman and I shared a plate, and let me just say, the pancakes were super disappointing. The Pancake House doesn't deserve it's name Pancake house, it's more like house of disappointment. 

Sunday was an alright day we went to Church and met some of the members. I forgot what normal Utah Church was like and didn't feel weird about it, until Sister Truman whispered to me Church in Scotland is very different than home, as we sat in 

Sister Muller from Germany and Sister Johnson

Relief Society meeting listening to the Sister's sing in their Scottish accents. Yes, Yes it is. But I've gotten so used to it. Poor Sister Truman has to get used to so many different things here in the Mission. I pray for her every night. That night we ran around in the dark, because it was super cold and the buses don't work very well on Sunday, they come like once and hour or not at all at some times of the day. It's starting to get pitch black at 7 o'clock now. I'm not looking forward for it to get dark at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. 

Miss you all!

Sister Johnson,