Friday, July 22, 2016

Ireland's countryside

Dublin, Ireland

July 18, 2016 Perth, Scotland

This week has been pretty alright. We have a few awesome lesons this week, one of which was with this wonderful Catholic Couple. They are both very active in their faith, but are still so open and friendly to us missionaries. Sister Stein and I were invited into their house and gave the 1st lesson with then about the Restoration. It was so scary talking about Joseph Smith and both me and Sister Stein were so flushed from the excitement and fear. I really felt the spirit with us when I recited the First Vision, we even invited them to be Baptised! They said that if they read the Book of Mormon and Pray about it and recieve an answer from God that this is true then they will be Baptised into the LDS Church!! Sister Stein and I just need to have Faith in the converting power of the BOM and the Holy Ghost.
There are so many different Christian Churches around here it gets annoying when people just answer to us saying, As missionaries we teach people about Jesus Christ and his Gospel and then people reply, I already have my church BYE. Or I already believe in Christ, so NOT INTERESTED, then slam the door shut. Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat
I guess people are not wanting more in their lives. I think it's funny though when people invite us to come inside for some coffee or tea, and also say they are comfortable in their own church and don't want to change, it wastes our time... Yesturday though we did come inside because she seemed like she really needed to talk about some things that have been bothering her. I shared some spiritual thoughts and we also talked alittle bit of the 1st lesson to her and her friend and even said a closing prayer. What was also awkward about that converstation is how defensive she got about her Bible and didn't like the King James Bible. And when we talked about Joseph it got really upset and her firend changed the converstation and said SO AUSTRALIA... HAHAHAHAHA! Don't get me wrong I liked them both and I really think I helped them, but as Missionaries we need to be bold and share the Gospel to everyone. Winking face It was a really powerful moment when I shared what I believed about our purpose in life and why we go through trials. In the end Sister Stein said the prayer and we left our number with ther. Even though we won't baptise them or never see them again for that matter, we got them to know about what the LDS Church believes and left a good impression on them of what LDS Missionaires are like. I love those kinda conversations some times, when I really want to put myself in Christ's point of view, of loving and caring for people I don't even know. I want to fullfill my purpose as a Missionary and Help people come closer to Jesus Christ. 
Perthshire is so Beautiful and there is about 3 castles that are near us that I really want to see, and SO MANY CATHEDALS. Really old ones, even in the really tiny villages that have at least one. It's both a good and bad thing, good they look awesome, bad everyone thinks they already have their religion. Aparently I heard from Sister Anderson, some of Outlander is filmed here. I really wished I saw Brave Heart before I got hear because the Scottish seem to be obsessed with that movie. The weather has been okay, for Scotland but still rains a little everyday. Fortunately we have a car, but it makes it harder to go GQing (finding in the streets) when it's pouring. Umbrella with rain drops