Monday, July 17, 2017

July 17, 2017


I don't even know what to say about this week, it's gone by really quickly. We were able to meet with a lot of the people we met up with last week, which means we are keeping our investigators.  Saw Adam, the polish man that wants to find a wife. We had to teach him pretty rushed so we just talked about the 10 commandments, we use hand signals to teach them. I can proudly say that I keep all 10 commandments! And also mean it because I actually know all of them. It was funny though when we were going through them because Adam says he has them memorized but he's either missing one or adding one because we had different  commandments per number. It made him frustrated, he's from a Catholic Background. 
We also saw Odila, the lady that's in Spiritual School. She gave us one of her books, I skimmed through a lot of it and found it to be a lot of made up stuff. They have a thing called Aquarian Gospel. And I think it's an additional scripture for them, but some person wrote it and  it has added stories to the bible ones about Jesus. Not about anything else but added events to the bible stories. I don't know too much from what I read, the book also contained poems and stories that people wrote. And explains 'symbolism' of Christmas. If you're curious look it up and let me know what you find. I'm pretty sure that if Odila thinks this stuff is inspired, the Book of Mormon will blow her mind when she starts reading it. 
We also taught Ryan, Stewart and Colin this week. Nothing much more to say about them, things progressing slowly. We have a new friend now named Ian, he's looking into a church that he likes. Sister Wayne found him. 
Did a lot of street contacting this week, but not much has come from it. Sister Wayne has a huge mission age gap compared to my other companions. She's only been out for 4 months, but is still really boss. Sister Wayne is sweet and works pretty hard. I'm hopeful that we will eventually find a lot of success together. 
For P-day today we went to Barrhead mall, drank Boost Juice Smoothies (Australian Brand) and ate Krispy Creme donuts (American Brand); best of both worlds, just like me. This last week was starting to warm up actually, we've had some rain and wind but it feels warmer. I felt too hot on Saturday, but it didn't even hit 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees for Americans) I think I'm adapted for the climate now. 
I got the pictures from Last, Last P-day's adventure now.
Sorry I don't have any interesting stories to share about this week.

Hope everyone is doing okay,

Monday, July 10, 2017

Hello everyone, 
Nothing much to say about this week. We did a lot of finding this week, have three new people we taught this week. On Monday we had P-day at Greenock for a few hours. Greenock is a town that Sister Paxman and Sister Allen are serving in, it's a pretty cute little port town with a lot of interesting churches. We taught a Polish man named Redick on Monday as well, he met missionaries awhile ago but hasn't been free untill now to meet up. He was really cool to teach, Redick's Family of course is Roman Catholic but he's atheist but loves Jesus. Another Polish man we taught this week is Adam, he's not a cool as Redick. We brought a recent convert Linsey to teach with us. Bad idea, he only wanted to meet with us because he wanted to meet with some Beautiful Ladies. Adam really wants to get married and have a family, he's about 36... We were all 10 years or more younger than him. He texted us a few hours after the lesson and said, "There was no God in the lesson...No hugs, no numbers...I don't want Sisters I already have sister, they give me better advice than the Pope. I'm just going to get drunk tonight. I just came because I wanted to meet some beautiful women." Sister Ligertwood and I, weren't that disappointed when he texted us. You could just tell in the lesson he wasn't interested in God. We taught a young man named Ryan this week and he just came because he said he had nothing better to do. But by the end of the lesson he accepted a Baptism date. It would we cool if he comes next week to another lesson.We also taught Stewart, our druggy friend who likes to study the Book of Mormon.
So on Saturdays Paisley is trying to have a festival every week till August. A little too much in my opinion... This week they had a SMA shot festival, no one really knows what that is. Basically there was music everywhere, and a mini parade. The ward had a garden party on Saturday as well, Colin an investigator of ours came was well. It was lots of fun. Colin had a date for this coming Friday but he won't make it, he's having alot of stuff going on right now since it's the beginning of the summer. This coming week is the last week Sister Ligertwood and I will be together most likely. Moves call is already coming up on Saturday, where did the time go?!?!
On Tuesday AND Thursday we were just walking around not hurting any one and we saw a Seagull TWICE eating a pigeon. The first time the Pigeon was still flapping he's wings trying to excape whilst the gull was eating his flesh!!
Hope you all are doing well,
Sister Johnson

June 26th, 2017

Hello Everyone!

This week was not too bad. We made quite a few appointments, the only problem is that people didn't show up to them. It's fine, happens all the time. We would've gotten 5 new investigators if people came to the appointments, but fortunately one person did. I'll get to that person later on in the email. Weather wise it seemed to have been up and down. Some times it was a warm 16 degree Celsius and other times it was a cold 13 degree. It looked like it was going to rain every day, and some times it did for a little bit. Some of the days it was really windy, especially towards the end of the week. I'm not really in the emailing mood today so I'm going to be really brief about what happened this week. 

It was P-day and we wanted to do something alittle bit different. So we traveled to Loch Winnoch and walked about around the edges of this beautiful Loch, that's also a nature park. There was some wild flowers, we saw alot of bugs and ducks. It was nice just wandering around without being in much of a rush and having no people around. There's like a hike thing we could do another P-day that will take us the whole day to do and we could also see some ruins. It was a really warm sunny day and I think I even got a little bit of tan.

Scotland South Conference is the same as Scotland West Conference they changed the name because it wasn't really just the west of Scotland more like the south west of Scotland. i think they should have the name south west Scotland conference... Any way, we woke up at 5:30am to travel to Edinburgh. Which was fine. Little did we know though that because of this we suffered for it being exhausted the next day. I loved Conference, we had our STLT's, AP's and President and Sister Donaldson talk to us about the Early Church, Apostasy and the Book of Mormon. A special thing about this conference is that we had 15 missionaries that came to this conference give their departing testimonies. It was really touching to hear how they feel about their mission and give their last words to us. So many of these Missionaries I've served with and knew. It's going to be a very different mission when they leave. In only 3 more conference I'll be sharing my departing testimony as well.


There's a partially less active member that adores Sister Missionaries, she invites us over for a meal every once and awhile. We taught her a quick lesson and then she asks us to do random acts of service. This time she wanted Sister Ligertwood to climb into her loft and take down her summer clothes. Made my day watching Sister Ligertwood climbing around in the loft holding a light bulb.
We were exhausted today from waking up early yesturday and I was dragging my feet the entire day. We still kept going though. In the Evening, we were walking past some pubs when a drunk guy walked infront of us and called us STUNNING. We some how were talking to these men, they were decently nice but unfortunately were drunk. Sister Ligertwood was talking to the other two guys because the conversation split, I was still standing next to Sister Ligertwood though. I ended up getting into a conversation with the man that called us stunning. Needless to say eventually we got away, but the man gave both of us an unwanted hug before we left... 


This morning we had interviews with President Donaldson. It was really nice talking to him and Sister Donaldson. Afterwards they took us out for a quick lunch, we decided on KFC. If my memory is correct I don't ever remember eating KFC in my life except for once or twice in Australia so it must've been about 6 or 7 years or even longer since I've eaten KFC. I got a wrap and it wasn't that bad. We then rushed to an appointment we made and Andrea showed up! It was awesome, first female investigator I've had in forever. We are hopefully coming to her home on Tuesday and teaching her more. In the evening we saw a less active and her non member sister, we taught them about the Law of Tithing and Fast. Over all we were still tired but the day went by really quickly.


Nothing much happened during the day, a bunch of people didn't show up to the appointments we set with them. In the evening we had a dinner appointment with the Calders, they're a really lovely family and are a big help to the missionaries in the Paisley Ward. We also went to Blend to support a less Active Lady who was singing and reading a poem she wrote at the Open Mic Night. Blend is a Christian Cafe, and the creative things people shared some times had a Christian undertone to it. If I ever come back to Paisley I would want to come to another Open Mic night, it's pretty fun. We left though right after Liya's act. 


We GQed all day because people didn't show up to their appointments again. Taught Joseph a recent convert, he really loves Christ. When we read a random Chapter out of the Book of Mormon he was smiling and said it was like the scriptures were talking to him. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and it helped him feel a lot of peace with his life. Knowing that Eternal happiness is waiting for those that are righteous and it's ETERNAL.

We had two munch 'n Mingles in one day once after Church and again after the Fireside that was held in the evening for the Triplets that are leaving on their missions in the next month. Another boy is leaving on his mission on Tuesday to Albania Mission. It's really strange listening to these kids give their farewell talks. I started thinking about my farewell talk and cringed a little bit because of how bad it was. When I come home I'll hopefully have more things to say. We ended up recieveing all the left overs from the two munch and mingles. Which consisted of a lot of cake. A Elder that just got off him mission came to church on Sunday with his family. I don't know Elder Flynn at all because he served a lot of his mission in Ireland. 

And that was my week. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their summer.

Sister Miranda Johnson,​

June 12, 2017

Hello everyone! 

It's been an alright week here in Paisley. On Monday guess what Sister Ligertwood and I found at the Breahead Mall!!???!?!?!


most of you are probably thinking, why would Sister Johnson be so excited about Boost Juice? yes it is a smoothie place, but not only that it's an Australian Smoothie Brand and it's in Paisley! I was so excited you wouldn't believe. I haven't had a boost juice in 6 or 7 years and It was just as good as I remembered it to be. My Parents and Siblings must be so jealous right now. I ❤ Boost Juice. It's way better than any other smoothie place I've had and it's pretty natural too.

Well I'm done with the most exciting thing that happened this week. Really it was crazy weather, some times hot other times cold, windy and raining. We had a dinner appointment every night this week except for one night. And I got to met some of the members, don't ask me though what their names are because I suck with names.

Some funny things that happened this week
we were GQing in the early afternoon and I tried to talk to this man on the street as he walked past. He stopped looked at me and pointed at a black badge with white typed words on it (I guess awkwardly made to look like my missionary badge) And it said "I think therefore I'm an Atheist" The guy took the time to make a badge, print it off, laminate it and pin it to his jacket just so he could show it to some missionary on the street of Paisley today. It was poorly made as well. I'm sorry sir, if you took the time to make that badge just to show me. I think you're the one who wasn't thinking. 
Another one happened while we're finding on Saturday night and everyone was drunk on the streets. It was Scotland vs. England game and a ton of guys were wearing kilts. Three men were talking to Sister Ligertwood and I, on of them was completely wasted and gave Sister Ligertwood a Scotland Flag.

The Elders in Paisley had a baptism this week too and it was really nice. The Relief Society had a dinner and paid for us to come too, it was at a little Italian Restaurant. We got one new investigator named Ryan this week as well.
Besides from this nothing else really happened. Just finding on the streets, and trying not to get wet.

In my studies this week I've been getting kinda into D&C 88. It's got some deep doctrine stuff in it that I really enjoy thinking about, such as about the Kingdoms of Glory, resurrection, judgement, and the Second coming. It's amazing how much we know about Heavenly things that so many other religions has so little knowledge about even the simple questions like. Why did God create us? Why are we on earth? Where are we going after this life? If you believe there's a God why don't you think he would have a purpose for you? Especially if this God loves you. So back to my studies.
In D&C 88 it teaches us that there is different Glory for each kingdom and laws that those who live there must obey. (D&C 88:22-24) Then it tells us that "All beings who abide not in those conditions are not justified." (39) "For intelligence cleaveth unto intelligence; wisdom receiveth wisdom; truth embraceth truth; virtue loveth virtue; light cleaveth unto light; mercy hath compassion on mercy and claimeth her own; justice continueth its course and claimeth its own; judgement goesth before the face of him who sitteth upon the throne and governeth and executeth all things." (40) goes on talking about all the wisdom and knowledge and understanding of God. But basically I think that it's just teaching us hear that every being that possesses the traits of a kingdom of Glory would want to be there. If we have the qualities and traits that are closer to those in the terrestial kingdom we would want to be there. It isn't just a matter that God judges us and places us in a kingdom. We choose where we want to be. 
D&C 88:63 says, "Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you; seek me diligently and ye shall find me; ask, and ye shall receive; knock and it shall be opened unto you." We are the ones that need to make the step, have the desire to be closer to him or even know him.
It talks a little about missionary work in this section and the second coming. But I don't really have to time to talk more about it. I was listening to some John Bytheway talks and in one it says that some people say it bothers them when they don't understand some thing in the scriptures. But really what should bother us is the things we do understand because that's what the Lord is trying to tell you. 
D&C 88:49 "...the day shall come when you shall comprehend even God..." one day we will all get it so don't worry about it. 😊
I encourage you all to study D&C 88 some time, it's my favourite scripture right now.
Hope everyone is doing well,