Monday, November 7, 2016

Guy Fox Night November 5th

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween!
This week was really strange and kinda sad, we had Halloween, Bon Fire night and terribly depressing weather. A lot of appointments fell through and some people that are recent converts cancelled or didn't show up multiple times this week. I'm doing okay though, just a little bit stressed out. For Halloween we had to be inside at 6 and the same for Bon fire night. Monday we went to a family home evening at the Keogh's home, they're a really big friendly family. They really adore Sister Truman so always want to have her over. Bon fire night was on Saturday evening, it's a celebration of Guy Fox, the man who tried to blow up the parliament building. The people here make huge bon fires and put a fake person in the fire on a stake in the middle of it. I would think that it would look kind of eerie but I never got to see it. They also set off a bunch of huge fireworks and play music along with it. It's seems to be just as big as fourth of July only most of it is the government lighting fireworks. People are allowed to buy fireworks here too but It seems to be much better to watch the concert like ones in the park. I hope that after my mission I'd be able to see bon fire night... 😕
We met a woman a week ago who approached us in the street about doing family history work and we said that we can definitely help her. We met up with her again at the Family History class and the members helped her out. She told us that it was very eye opening and she got emotional when she found out the names of her great grandparents . We asked her if she wanted to learn more about our church and she said yes. Unfortunately she had to cancel because she got sick, but we have her address and phone number so she won't get away HAHAH! Jk we don't stalk people... Family history is such a great missionary tool because when people know who their ancestors are they feel a closer relationship with them and we call that the Spirit of Elijah. 
Moves call was this Saturday and I'll be staying here with Sister Truman for another transfer whoop whoop! I'm happy that things will be staying the same, and I can really work this area out and we can make things actually MOVE this transfer. Next moves call is just before Christmas and I have a feeling that I might be the one to leave, who knows?

Bye for now!

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