Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Happy Halloween Everyone,

So I emailed more at the beginning of my P-day so nothing worth mentioning happened today.  We ran out of money this week so we were living off meal appointments bread, milk, eggs and oatmeal. Yummm... Amazingly we got offered to be feed 8 times this week, the members, recent converts and some of the investigators are awesome. I've been struggling to find miracles this week in the mission field, I really want to improve my finding efforts and try to be the best missionary I can be. Work in progress....
We finally saw Patrick and Rosin this week and they are doing well moving into their new house. I feel bad that it's taken us so long to see them, but they've been having a crazy schedule. I pray for a them to be baptized soon, because being investigators for over a year is getting really dangerous.
We also saw Michael like 4 times this week, we meet up with him in town, then on Friday we gave him a tour of the church because he was nervous about coming to Colleen's Baptism, he then went to the Baptism and went to Church this Sunday!! And said that he'll come next week too!! He's such a great guy, he's been keeping the Word of Wisdom ever since we taught him about it, except for a few times he accidently forgot. Michael is really nervous about telling his family about what he's been doing in his own words he said, "It'll be easier to say that I'm gay than to tell them that I'm a Mormon." Ouch... It's really sad to say though that in this day and age parents disown their adult children for joining the church. I always admire the dedication that people have for doing what they believe is right despite the consequences. 
On Tuesday President Donaldson, the Scotland Ireland Mission President, came to Dundee Zone and talked to us. He spoke about Ether 1 and 2, about the brother of Jared and prayer. He spoke about the way God requires us to be sincere in our Prayers and the ways God answers prayers, he then told us about his vision is to have Dundee Zone have 20 baptisms before the end of the year, which is a substantial amount in Europe. I know that President is a man of God and that we can accomplish this Goal with the help of our God. That would mean that for this Zone every companionship with have to baptize 2 souls and them some would need to bring another 6 souls. 
Colleen was baptized this week, she's an amazing girl about the same age as me. She's been introduced to the church about a year ago and was investigating with missionaries for 3 months. Elder Martin was the Missionary that really helped her have to desire to be baptized, he skyped into the baptism because he's home now. It was like three in the morning in Utah. It was the perfect baptism, she was well prepared for it. Afterwards we had lunch with her at Nando's for the tradition.
The brother of the Girl (Jon Schmidt's from the Piano Guys) that went missing is apparently in our mission, I admire him for continuing his service despite what is happening at home. So many missionaries have crazy stuff happening at home and yet they continue to do the work that their Heavenly Father has assigned them to do.

I hope that everyone is doing well.

Monday, October 31, 2016

October 24th, 2016

This week was kind of a drag, because I got the stomach flu right in the middle of it. We had to stay in the flat for a day and a half, so I wouldn't get any worst and it would be over quickly. I'm really noticing my weaknesses this transfer with myself in missionary work and regular stuff that I need to improve my skills at in life. One of which is organisation, I really need to be more organised and remember things to do. It doesn't help writing it down because when you actually need do be doing it I'm out in and about not looking at something all the time. I also need to work on team work, especially being a leader directing the team work. I need to be helping my companion know what she needs to be doing to help the effort, I shouldn't just expect that she'll know what to do and how to do it. I also need be a WAY better a GQing, Oh how I wished we learnt how to have a conversation with random people on the street. It's just been a week of humility and learning for me. This is basically how my days went this week:
Monday: Cleaning flat then GQing at night
Tuesday: Assistants to the President or APs, came to our zone and we had a Zone Conference on the big 5, and role playing them in our District meetings. Which are things that our mission has, but are in Preach My Gospel only simpler. We role played the Holy Ghost Principle, Sister Truman rocked it! I'm so proud of her. But none of it was me, she's an awesome missionary. Afterwards all of us Sisters in the Zone went out and ate McDonalds... yumm. It wasn't that bad, they have these wraps now or they are just in Europe, but they taste pretty good and cheap. I also love their Cadbury McFurry Flavours. ANYWAY! We then were suppose to see a Recent convert but she never showed up. and the rest of the day was alright. Ended with Ward Council and Ward Co-ordination. I love going to these meetings because it helps me get to know the ward better, helps me give the Ward opportunities to help us and we can help them as well in their missionary work. 
Wednesday: I woke up at 4am feeling sick and then spent the morning wandering around town like a zombie till the Elders were able to give me a blessing which told me I should stay in the flat and rest. 
Thursday: Couldn't leave the flat all day...
FRIDAY: SO MUCH FINDING! and went to the wards Curry and Desert Night. Only in the UK you would have something called a Curry and Desert Night. Sister Truman was blessed to have her first curry. I could not believe that I've had two companions that had their first curry with me.
Saturday: MORE FINDING, a few appointments fell through again. In the Evening we went to Sister Cavin's, she's a mother of 7 boys!!! 30ish to 20ish now. It's starting to get dark at 5pm now, so it's scary to be out and about talking to people on the street when it's pitch black.
Sunday: Church, and had a Baptism this evening of a young man called Sam. He was a former investigator that an Elder found a few months ago and then the Elder returned to the same area. Randomly met Sam on the street again and started to teach him. He then had a change of heart and wanted to get Baptised. It had a powerful spirit at his Baptism, I love watching people come unto Christ. I can't wait to have my own investigators enter the gate of Eternal Life.
Monday/Today: We went shopping for Sister Truman's backpack. Yeah we are allowed those in this mission, I wish I knew before I left. :P And then doing some finding tonight.

Hope every has a good week!