Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sister Johnson and Sister Parker visiting with the Bishop in Ayr Ward. Wonderful members in Scotland!!

Sister Johnson's new Companion just got caught in the rain.

Teaching...  the big orange can't and Sister Parker.

March 20th, 2017 New Companion

So this week was an amazing week, full of blessings! Monday we travelled to Glasgow to meet up with our new companions. Sister Parker and I got a ride from the Glasgow STL's to our flat in Ayr, it's always really strange for me to get a new companion or Area. We went out and did some grocery shopping at like 7 o'clock at night, Sister Parker is going home in like 4 months so she's on the what us sister missionaries call "6 month's to sexy diet". We are sharing food so we'll see how this happens with the Dinner Appointments.
Tuesday was the first day of missionary work together, and we started off great with getting a lesson with one of the Heroin Addicts James. Robert the other one dropped us because he likes Mass better. That evening on the way to the church to meet up with the Bishop I realized that we locked ourselves out... 😥 Oh my goodness... The sisters before me did the same thing before and so did the elders before the sisters. Now that we have really nice new windows, it's impossible to break back into the flat the same way. Luckliy a few weeks ago I remembered that Sister Lawson and I dulipcated the keys and gave the spare ones to the District Leader who's in Kilmarnock. We called the Zone Leaders and the District Leader and so the Zone Leaders, who are in Paisly had to drive to Kilmarnock and then to Ayr to Drop off the Key's, They had to call the AP's to get permission to do so. It was SO EMBARASSING. The meeting with the Bishop went well, he's really excited about Sister Parkers enthusiasim and is concocting a plan to make the Members better Ward Missionaries. He listed all of the things that stop the members and narrowed it down to three things; Motivation, Time and Fear. 
Wednesday, Danni a man that I stopped on the street 2 weeks ago was able to met with us in the morning. He cancelled last week because of a medical emergentcy with his little brother. Danni is in his mid/late twenties, Pakistani background and his family is very Catholic. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and from the very start we peaked his interest, the belief that we existed before we were born. When we finished teaching the Plan he sat back and thought for a moment. He said that he felt like there was a light and we adjusted his veiw to see the light he didn't see before. It was such a spiritual lesson, it was the third time I've ever taught a lesson with Parker but it was flowing really well. We used the Scriptures alot more often (for even me) and it turned out to be exactly what Danni needed to see that the Book of Mormon and the Bible can work together. Sister Wallace (an active member) had us over for lunch, she has 5 cats and Sister Parker is a little bit nervous with cats. One of the Cats is called Murphy, he's a big fat orange cat. The first thing that happened after Parker sat down is Murphy jumping on her lap. That afternoon we taught another new investigator Paula! Paula is an interesting lady, that lives super close to the church. She knows more than you think as well. In the closing prayer she thanked God for making things easier for her, that she doesn't have to take two buses to get to church but now only have to walk up the road. 
Thursday we met with James again and something was different about him, it wasn't that he was high.
He seemed to have a light growing in his eyes, our Joint teach was Jack. As we spoke to James, he told us that he really wants to change and become a better person. He was really focused during the lesson and we had a really good converstation with him. Jack invited him to institute, he couldn't come last week but I'm hoping he'll say yes to this week. That Evening we took the train down to Prestwick and was chapping around when we walked past this really creepy church. It was like in a horror movie, a long drive way and at the end in the darkness you could see the old church looming infront of you. It could imagine demons living there... Anyway...
Friday we had alot of cancelled appointment, but saw a really inactive lady Elisabeth who went to church this Sunday!! we also taught Graham who told us he's ready to be baptised soon.
Saturday as usual was a rough day full of finding, we saw Paula again in the street and she invited us to a cafe. We met her there and  her friend Neil was there as well. Taught both of them and Paula invited Neil to be baptised on the same day as her. On Sunday they both came to church which was awesome!
So many great things happened this week I can't fit them all into the email. I'm so excited working with Sister Parker, she's a very cheerful and hardworking missionary. I know that I have so much to learn from her, and I hope that I don't drag her down.