Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Last week in Ayr!

Oh my goodness what do I say about this week... We did so much this week and the Lord has blessed us so much. Daniel taught on Monday night at his home and Wednesday afternoon. He was so sweet, he told us about how he feels the spirit in his life. That he gets this feeling when he prays and reads the Book of Mormon, he feels this same feeling when we are teaching him. It was so cool that he recognizes the Holy Ghost before he even knew what that feeling was. On Wednesday when we were teaching some of the commandments he started to get this bad guilty feeling and felt the great need to pray to repent right in the middle of the lesson. I felt kinda cool like the Prophets and Missionaries of old teaching people to repentance. Wednesday was such a strange day because we got a call from President about Pxxx's Parole charge. We found out from a member that googled Pxxxx and found a few news letter articles about an incident that happened. It's kinda hilarious what happened... But sad too because she can't be baptized till November 2018 which is when the Parole ends. I guess that's when the Baptism will be, a year after I go home.😖 But then we thought, wait. Pxxx has a daughter named Pxxtoo... Maybe it's her daughter... Called Pxxx she pretended to have no idea about the article. So eventually we looked at the article and it was definitely her, Pxxx felt bad for lying and confessed. We also taught Nicky this week too, she's a mum of a former investigator of ours. She's really open to the gospel and was crying talking to us about her worries in a cafe. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can really help her endure the trials she's facing. I was GQing on the street this week when I stopped a really old man, he was telling me that he has his own church and is very active. I was asking about what he thinks the purpose of this life is and he said he didn't know, I was talking to him about the Love and Mercy of Christ and he told me he doesn't feel good enough. The man then started tearing up on the street telling me about he was a solider and shot a trooper, after who knows how many years he still carries that guilt. I'm so grateful for the knowledge of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, that I don't have to carry burdens of guilt with me. The old man told me that it'll take him time to be healed and walked away, unwilling to listen to my message.
Our Recent convert Chris is doing so well too! When we met with him this week he was so happy and excited. Chris was practically glowing with the spirit, he told us that he's been reading the Book of Mormon everyday and prays often. He told us that he suffers from Biopolar and that when he's feeling low all he has to do is read the scriptures and it brightens his whole day. One night he said he was walking around to calm himself down, so he started to say a prayer on the harbor, felt a sudden calm come over him and he was able to fall asleep when he got home. Chris told us, "I know without a doubt the church is true!" HOW COOL IS THAT?!?! I'm so happy for Chris, he's doing so well. Chris thanked us and said the Church has changed his life.😆
We went on Exchanges in Glasgow on Friday, I was with Sister McOmber. She's great we had some fun GQing all day in the streets. Taught a Philosophy Major guy named Nathan. These university students are way to smart, I end up getting big complex discussions with them. Maybe that's why I don't serve in a big city, I use my brain not the spirit to try converting them. The more I go on Exchanges in Glasgow the more I want to live in a big city, I love the diverse cultures and people. Sunday Sister Parker and I gave talks. The only time we had this week to write it was Saturday night and Sunday morning. Basically I just talked on the stand, I don't have time to write a talk.
Today I'm not sure what we're going to do for P-day, it might be my last P-Day in Ayr. I might go to Dunure it's a little fishing town a little away from Ayr. Hope every one is doing well!
Sister Johnson,