Monday, February 6, 2017

February 6th, 2017


So next time I email I would've hit my 9 MONTH mark, half way through. Goodness, it feels like I've been on my mission forever now. That's okay though I'm glad I still have a lot of time left to make a difference and if I did have less than 9 months left I would be really sad because I have so much more I need to improve, change and some how make a impact. This week has felt unusually long because it's been filled with a lot of ups and downs. On Monday we went to a ton of different places to grocery shop because we can, and didn't actually need to buy any food because we get a dinner appointment every night. After resting in the flat I felt an ich to run, for exercise everyday we have a bike in the flat and I cycle for an hour in the evenings, morning exercise I do sit-ups, push-ups, lunges and squats. Just in case if you wanted to know... So we went to Barassie  earlier and I ran laps along the beach while Sister Lawson wrote letters. 
Tuesday was a day full of GQing (Stopping and talking to people on the streets) and members bought us lunch at a restaurant called the Treehouse. And then that evening we taught Aairon, the 10 year old boy with Sister Cairns. Aairon suprisingly knew alot of the stuff because he remembered us teaching him about it before! He seems to be actually learning and remembering the stuff we are teaching him. I'm so happy for him and know that he'll be ready to be baptized soon.
Wednesday Sister Lawson had her foot checked again and has more exercises to do on her foot.  We taught Cameron with Jack, Cameron is a guy we met on the street last week and he's super nice. He loves his family so much and always looks after the younger children. While we were teaching him he was very intereactive in asking questions and putting in his own input and understanding, it was very refreashing. Cameron is only 17 but will be turning 18 this month. 
Jack also helped us teach Daniel, another young guy. Sister Lawson has been teaching him for a few months now and we don't know what more we can do to help him progress. He's struggling to keep a lot of the commandments like the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom, this coming week we are going to have the Bishop help us teach him. Does anyone have a suggestion on what we can do to help him move forward?
Thursday was ALL SCOTLAND!!! We had to wake up at 4 am to take the train to Edinburgh, which is always a pain. But besides from that is was a good day, Elder Johnson from the Seventy came and spoke to us about the Broadcast, instead of him giving a talk for an hour. He asked us missionaries questions and had those who put up their hand stand up answering it. I both liked it an disliked it, some of the comments/discussions went on forever about the exact some thing. But it was amazing to hear the testimonies and knowledge some of these missionaries had. We talked about how Success is actually a gift, we cannot earn success. In Missionary work and life we sometimes say to God, Okay if I do this then you will do this. But that's not how it's suppose to work, we should do all that we must and have faith that God understands our sacrifice and loves us. I've been working on a lot lately having trust in God, I have a really tough time trusting people and Heavenly Father as well. I know that this is a flaw I have and I must try my best to understand that my Heavenly Father does love me and knows me. As a result I need to trust him to do what's best for me. It's not a matter of not holding on and letting him catch me when I fall. But knowing that if I don't make it up that he's right there behind me ready to hold on to me if anything happens and not have that great fear looming over me. 
Friday was a really crazy busy day. Through out last week when ever we scheduled an appointment with less actives we said Friday will be good. So now we have 4 appointments all over town to get too. In the morning we saw Graham. For the whole of this last week, he's been getting really annoyed at us and sent really rude responses. He emailed our Ward Mission Leader that he no longer wants any contact with members of the Church and wants nothing to do with the Church. On Thursday night he called us and says that he want to talk to us in person because we deserved to know? It's fine, I still confused but I'm not going to hold anything against him. He wants to change his date to March 4th... his choice to move it back again. We then went to Sister Burn's house (a less active) for lunch and we had a really spiritual discussion over reading the scriptures with her. She is really progressing in the gospel and read quite a few chapters since last week. Sister Burns even had a moment when she prayed for comfort this week and felt the Holy Ghost tell her everything is going to be okay. I'm so happy to see her moving forward and changing!! Afterwards we had our companion study in the Library. I liked it so much better than in the morning or at night. We also went to the Tuesdale's home Moraag and Nan. Moraag is Nan's daughter and is struggling healthwise. It's really sad to see both of them being so unwell, missionaries has visited them often in the past. Sister Lawson shared a really powerful testimony and the sweet spirit filled the room. I hope that as we visit them more and talk about the goal of the temple, they'll have an increase desire to go to the temple.
We attempted to go to Sister O'Pray's home that night but took the wrong route and spent forever on the bus...
Saturday, I felt impressed to buy flowers for Isabel Kerr. When I gave them to her at our lunch appointment she was so happy about it! She doesn't have a husband and hasn't received flowers in a long time. I'm glad she loved them. Any advice to people, give a lady flowers and you'll make her day!! We then helped Betty another single sister Paint more of her flat again for just a little bit, but she really appreciated the help. 
Sister Kerr and her daughter made it to Church on Sunday which was AWESOME!!

Hope everyone is doing well!!

Sister Johnson