Tuesday, September 13, 2016

September 12, 2016 temporary transfer to Dundee

Hello everyone!

Hope everyone is having a great week. Sorry I didn't send a weekly email last week, it was kind of a lame week because I might've had low-Iron, but since I started taking them in the middle of last last week things a feeling better.
I'm just going to begin on the insane situation I'm in at the moment, On Monday we were having are usual P-day and I just had the BEST HOT CHOCOLATE IN THE WORLD. not joking it was literally hot CHOCOLATE, just pure dark chocolate in a cup melted it felt like. So thick I had to 'drink' it with a spoon. I enjoyed myself. Sister Dahl had a white chocolate hot chocolate... I was at the Highland Chocolatier, and they are famous for their dark chocolate truffles, judged to be the best in the world, I tried one and I must say it is the best. Sorry for that tangent I just really love chocolate.
After we did that, in the evening we got a call that we needed to drive Sister Six to Edinburgh because her temporary companion is going back to Aberdeen, but then 20 mins later they told us that we need to move to Dundee tomorrow. WHAT THE?!?!?! So we had a family home evening that night with a less-active part member family, afterwards we got a call from President with more information about that is happening. We are currently now still 'serving in Perth' but we live with Sister Six in Dundee and only able to go to Perth to teach and find occasionally for the rest of the transfer. This week we've been helping Sister Six teach her recent converts, less-actives and investigators. Oh man though, weekly planning yesterday was so a real strain for us. I want to do the work I've been called to do in Perth, but we just need to find so badly, then Sister Six has a lot of people to teach and since Dundee is such a big city it's more productive to do finding here the member in Perth a really disappointed about the situation especially since there is already 6 Missionaries here not including us and Sister Six. 
Basically that's what's up... Don't know if it make sense at all....
In Dundee there is a couple that's been investigating the church for over a year, and one of them Patrick is from Sydney It's pretty cool to see another Australian, he's the second one I've meet in Scotland so far, that isn't a missionary. Mang-zing, (not sure if that's even close to how you spell that name) is a young Chinese man that was investigating the church for 6 months and got baptised last last Sunday, he's so funny and doesn't speak English that well but okay enough to speak and understand a lot more than you think. His story is epic, when Sister King first found and taught him with Sister Hasting (sister Six's trainer) Mang, didn't even believe in God, but now he loves God and Jesus Christ, recognising when the Spirit is speaking to him. It's so funny that he told us the other day that he thought people that donated to charity was stupid, and he would never do it. Now he donates to Charity often, and want's to help people and share the Gospel to his family and friends. He's going back to China in October, There is apparently a pretty big ward in Shanghai China, so it's good that Mang is going to be looked after there. It's just so awesome that where missionaries aren't allowed to go, when people leave these countries and hear the gospel, they bring it back with them into their country. God always finds a way. Smiling face with smiling eyesSmiling face with smiling eyes
Sister Six's new companion that never made it to the mission field was suppose to be the first Chinese Speaking Sister Missionary in the Scotland/Ireland mission, I can see why we need one. There is so many Asians in Dundee, and if they can't get the Gospel in their own country they need to hear it when they are here. I wish I could learn Chinese when I'm out here but it's such a difficult language to learn on your own because of the different tones. It's ashame, I wonder what's going to happen next transfers since there is now and uneven number of Sister Missionaries in the field.
There is a lot of Uni students in Dundee right now, since the semester has started. I feel super awkward being around people my age living normal lives... We ate a NANDOS this week and it was filled with young adults. I love nandos, we have nandos in Australia and it's like a Portuguese South African restaurant. Basically known for their chicken with the peri peri sauce. I got the classic Chicken and chips thing. Love it. I'm definitely going to buy some of the sauce to take home with me at the end of my mission. We need to have Nandos in the US.
Really scattered email today, but I hope it give you all an idea of what's been happening this week.
Miss you all,
Sister Johnson