Monday, April 17, 2017

P-Day on the Beach. Ary, Scotland

 My little girl is turning 20 yrs old on May 3rd. She'll be home a 6 months. Seems like a very long time. She looks so beautiful. Had another baptism and doing amazing things. Miranda Johnson
Baptism of Chris Baxter. Ayr, Ward. Scotland with Sister Parker

Happy Easter


Most unsuspenseful moves call ever! I'm staying in Ayr with Sister Parker, so excited to teach and baptize so much this next transfer. Highlight of the week is CHRIS GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!! I'm so excited for him, his baptism was such a great experience and a friend of his came that we are now going to start teaching, ALSO his father came and he's really interested in the Church and came on Sunday as well. So many miracles happened this week I don't even know what's next! I'll just start now at the very beginning of the week. So on Monday last week the Elders in my district came from Stranraer and Kilmarnock to Ayr. We had a pretty fun time together at the beach, making a 'sandcastle' and playing soccer. The sandcastle was basically we half-buried a log in the ground and then dug a mot around it, to be more missionary like, we likened it to ourselves being the temple and the law of Chastity being the mot. Yeah... We also did a bunch of other crazy stuff that would make people question how old we are. After P-day Chris was interviewed for his baptism and of course PASSED.
On Tuesday we had a district Cluster, basically a Zone Conference without food and President. It was pretty good one of the Elders had us list a bunch of Harry Potter Quotes and likened it to Faith in Missionary work. Can you believe it, Sister Parker hasn't watched any of the Harry Potter Movies?!?! It's so cool to have seen it before my mission because alot of Harry Potter was filmed in Scotland. Definitely want to watch it again when I come home to see if I recognize any of the places. We taught a new investigator on Tuesday as well, his name is Vincent, and he's the twin of Bishop McLennan I feel like. I'm excited to teach him again, but with Bishop McLennan. Also it's not just because they're both bald that I think they're twins, they are like in Personality and Speech.
Wednesday and Thursday was really really long days  of GQing. We taught Chris with Micheal McLennan about Temples and the Priesthood. On Wednesday we taught Paula and Neil about the Word of Wisdom, both of them didn't have any problems with it. Except Paula said it'll be difficult to stop drinking wine. Bishop and Micheal was there and it was a really spiritual lesson.
On Friday we were suppose to teach Paula and Neil together again but, just Neil came. He said that just when he arrived at Paula's house she was being loaded into an Ambulance. I was concerned when he told us this but he seems so calm about it and just said that since there wasn't anything he could do to help he decided to just go to the lesson without her. We taught him about Tithing and the Prophet with Brother Newall. When we saw Paula and Niel at Chris' Baptism, I asked Paula what happened on Friday. She told me that she was drinking wine on Friday and was on her second glass (or bottle) when she had a seizure! When she got to the hospital the doctors told her she can't drink Alcohol any more. Niel said, the lord works in mysterious ways! hahahahahahaha!!
I guess Heavenly Father really wants Paula to be baptized. 
Saturday was pretty tough in the morning, GQing lately hasn't been successful at all. People seem to be especially rude during the holidays. Despite all of that we had an AMAZING Baptism for Chris. The Happiness you feel when your brother or sister enters into a promise with Christ is the greatest thing in the world. I'm so excited to see Chris grow in the Gospel, he's going to be a wonderful Priesthood holder. Sunday Paula, Chis and Chris' Dad came to church and it was a wonderful Easter Service. 
Hope everyone had a fantastic Easter!
​​Sister Johnson,