Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Barbara, Sister Stein and Sister Johnson
Transfer day from Dublin, Ireland to Perth, Scotland

Monday, July 4, 2016

Transfer Day: Perth, Scotland


I have some sad news. This week is moves week, and so every transfer is like 4-6 weeks long usually. Sister Stein and I didn't think we would move because I'm still in training and it's her last transfer. She goes home in 6 weeks!! She was so sad when we got the call. We have so many great friends in the Ward and loved our investigators. I feel like we are needed here, but I guess the Lord has other plans for us in... Perth!! oh my goodness it's happening I'm going back to Perth, not Perth Australia but Perth Scotland!! I'm going to have lived in 3 different countries this year and It's only July. It's crazy that we are moving so far away, We haven't packed yet and there's another story of what happened this week I'll talk about later. We are going to have to pass everyone on to the Elders and I really hope they are not forgotten. I'm especially worried about a few of them, one of them; the guy from Iraq has had an especially hard time lately. His Father and Uncle were killed this week, he's so worried about his family and it breaks my heart hearing about. He's such a sweet guy, he doesn't know what to do and is really depressed. We send him messages and I know that he needs friends right now, I really hope the Elders will be helping him but I'm not so sure...
There is also another awesome lady that we visit that has MS, she can't have Elders visit her because she lives alone. And there isn't any sisters moving in to the ward this transfer. Gosh, I don't like this but I need to trust the Lord that he knows what he's doing.

So this week in general was a struggle, we couldn't get back to a lot of our people but some of them eventually responded on Sunday... great. But it's okay the Elders will catch them for us. But the Worst was at 12:30am on Friday. A fire alarm woke me up and it sounded distant and not really urgent. So we just laid in bed for a bit, until I decigded to check outside. I looked out and saw a red flashing light on the wall next to the window outside. hummm... I went to the back door and opened it and the alarm sounded really close. I decided it must be a fire alarm also when I realized the electricity was not working too, I told Sister Stein to get out of bed and we got our coats and shoes on. Walking into the hallway we saw a group of people standing around, there was a guy that had a tool box and told us that the Firemen called him. He explained what was going on. So there was smoke in the basement and in an electrical room some of the plugs were melted and every pipe in the building was electrified. We know now that it was a power surge, there is still no electricity and only a little bit of water. We ended up moving into a flat that was empty, and it was previously an Elders flat, it's smelly and gross. We cleaned it on Sunday because we thought we would be living there for awhile, and thought we won't move at all. It's disgusting, Elders don't know how to be clean. Even after we cleaned it still smelt like old farts and weed. So when we found out we are leaving it's was really stressful because our stuff is in two different flats, tonight we are going to be basically camping in the other flat with no water or electricity. We leave to Perth at 6 am and will be travelling all day. Elder Peterson is coming with us because he's going to be a Zone Leader in the Zone next door to us.The others are staying, and the Zone Leaders are moving into our Flat. 

Dublin is one of the easiest areas in the mission so I have no idea what to expect what Perth will be like. I'm going to miss the different cultures, the Elders, the ward and the familiar places. Just when I was getting comfortable with everything we have to leave... Sorry everyone that was going to Dublin and hoping to run into me. :( 
One of our investigators is going to be Baptised on Friday so I'm excited to hear about what happens then. 

I just want to share my testimony that I know the message I share is important that what I'm doing is of great significance, that there are people out there searching for the truth. Everyone must have the opportunity to choose to follow the complete Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to find out for themselves if this is the truth. I know that if some one sincerely searches for the truth, by reading the Book of Mormon, learn from the missionaries and pray, asking God if this is the truth. Then the Holy Ghost/Spirit will testify to them that this is true. 

Sister Johnson,