Friday, June 24, 2016

Miranda with her rain jacket.  Might be a bit short and Mum has to get her a longer one.

Streets of South Dublin, Ireland

Hey Everyone!

I'm having a day where I just don't want to write so I'm just going to try my best, okay?

So this week was up and down, but better than last week. We have a few more investigators and I'm really excited about them! We finally got to teach some women which is AWESOME! We meet up with a Romanian and a Brazilian, on Friday I think... and they both don't speak or understand English very well. I wish I could speak 3 billion languages as usual. We have so many Book of Mormons in different languages, it's really cool to see that no matter where you come from the Gospel is forever one and we make it easier for people to learn it in their own language so they can understand. But it's still important that they understand and know what we are saying as Missionaries. The Elders type Preach My Gospel into Google Translate to teach some of their investigators, I feel like it's super awkward to do that. And I don't know how they get people to come if they don't even understand what they are coming for... it's funny. :P 
It's been getting to be real Irish 'summer' now. Before this week it's been kinda sunny and warm, they called in a heat wave. But now it rains everyday and my hair looks like puff, I wash going to try and find a straightener but I don't think there is any point with this humidity. The Irish had a Football game this week so on the day of the game there was, zero point in finding because every one was heading to the bar to get drunk and watch the game. It started at 2 o'clock so it was especially early for that to begin. And I'm sorry to say that Ireland lost. I believe that was the day where we had the first lessons with the investigators, so we were productive. 
All in all, today wasn't that bad of a week. I got to have some fun along the way.
I hope everyone has a good week.

Love you,

Sister Johnson