Tuesday, January 3, 2017

3rd January 2017

Happy new year everyone!! 

Some people have asked me what my new year goals are this year. Well except for the last month of this year I'll still be on a mission. My goals are the mission goals really, and being an awesome missionary. We accomplished our goal of over 360 baptisms this year and now 2017 goal is 470 Baptisms I believe. It's a huge number compared to the 150 or so of 2015, I'm really excited to participate. Reflecting on 2016 a lot has happened all in one year, next year hopefully will be just as productive. Now I'm just going to go back and look at this previous week. The Christmas celebrations apparently doesn't stop after Christmas. We had a great day on Monday at the Stake Presidents home watching Disney movies, playing games and chatting. On Tuesday the Stake put together an activity for all of the missionaries in the stake, we traveled to Kilmarnock and met up with all of the missionaries at the bus station. One of the companionships was late because an Elder got on the train without his wallet and had to travel back to his flat again to get it. HAHAHA! 
Eventually we all safely made it to the chapel, we had a mini devotional meeting afterwards the fun began. We had lunch, played silly games and then had to leave. Once we got back Sister Lawson and I attempted to do missionary work, but we ended up very soon had to travel to Glasgow that night for exchanges with the STLs. Glasgow is huge! it's like the New York City of Scotland. Wednesday I got to teach one first lesson with a man in Starbucks, then the rest of the day full of GQing on Byees Street, We didn't find much success  because the holiday season seems to be having a strange affect on people. That night we traveled back to Ayr, very tired... Thursday, Friday and Saturday were the hardest, walking around in the rain and wind trying to stop people. New Years is called Mahogany and it's a huge celebration in Glasgow that just spreads out from there, so many people were at Morrison's on Friday and Saturday. They also had Boxing day the day after Christmas and there was so many sales on.  We attempted to call less actives but everyone was busy. New Years Eve we spent watching movies, Sunday we only had church for an hour, amazingly there was a man called Steven who came on his own and we taught him a lesson after Church and this morning. The rest of the day we spent at the Donaldson's they're such a nice family and we got to watch some new movies as well. They have this half staffy called Princess that reminded me of Oscar and I was petting her a ton. Monday we got off all day as well but ended up deep cleaning the flat, and that night visited the Kerr's a wonderful family who's mum is less active. I'm so excited for the coming week we have a lot of appointments set up and the holidays are OVER! never thought I would be happy that the holidays were over. 

Hope you had a great holiday,

Sister Johnson

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