Monday, November 21, 2016

November 21, 2016


This week I have to say was the best week I've had in Dundee! Lots of different stuff happened all at once this week and it felt good to mix things up. I must mention though, it's FREEZING COLD. Right now there is frost all over the place, I thought when I saw it that it snowed while I was inside. It didn't... there is just a lot of moister and really really cold. I can't believe that it isn't even winter yet, It rained till about Wednesday I think and then after that it was just really really cold. I have no idea how I'm going to survive winter. To let you know of the complexities of trying to stay warm in Scotland as a Sister Missionary I'll write down some steps in the morning I do.

How to Say Warm in Scotland
1. Wear Cotton/Polyester Under Clothes
2. Place on Knitted tights
3. Tuck in a undershirt into the tights
4. Put on Thick long socks over tights
5. Pull on insulated leggings over socks and tights.
6. Wear a Blouse over undershirt and tuck it into leggings
7. Grab a skirt that's missionary appropriate
8. Wear a sweater over Blouse
9. Put on the heaviest coat you own
10. A beanie
11. Gloves with hand warmers
12. Over your neck wear a blanket scarf or a woollen scarf
13. Pull over the hood of the Coat and tuck hands into pockets
14. And finally put on your winter boots!!

After all of this you'll still be cold and your hands, feet and face will be numb!!! 😂 

Please if anyone has any suggestions on what else I could try out to stay warm I'm open to suggestions. One of these suggestions cannot be however staying inside, because we have a requirement of 22 hours of finding a week. And I hear it's winter here for 4 months...

So what did we do this week? Hummm...

Well on Monday we had P-day, We just did the usual nothing too special. Except!! I finally got my hair cut, it's been a really long time since I've gotten it done and it felt so good to get it trimmed. I also decided to keep my fringe/Bangs even though it's a struggle to manage in this weather. Sister Truman got her second coat to wear underneath her other one. After P-day ended we had dinner with Tiffany a recent convert and Cottage Evening once again. This time I didn't hurt my foot and we had a huge turnout of recent converts. It's so important here to try to strengthen those that are struggling changing their lives to live the Gospel Standards. 
The next day we had a lot of finding to we went and met up with Michael. With him we talked about Alma 36:26-end speaking about faith and such. He still doesn't feel ready to set a baptism date, and is leaving back to Jersey on December 15th I think. Hopefully he'll feel ready soon, but I really don't think he would until after like 6 months of investigating... 😖 We also stopped by a less active member Michelle, she's really cheeky she requests Sister Truman and I sing a song to her. So next week we are going to have something prepared for her. hehehe On the way down the stairs from her flat I saw a dog that looks so much like Oscar!! only Oscar is much older, fatter and larger in size. This dog was a Staffy with the same prints on his fur and was just standing under the stairs panting waiting to come inside to his flat. I felt a little bit emotional seeing that dog standing there, and gave it a good rub before leaving. I miss Oscar so much... 
Wednesday we had Zone Interview Training, it's like a meeting thing we do as a zone with the Mission President, his wife, STLs, APs and other speakers. It was pretty uplifting and gave us some awesome ideas to try out. I especially liked the 101 Ways To Do Missionary Work, pamphlet to give to Members when we visit their homes. We also challenge the members to do one thing that week and follow up on that thing later. While their I finally got some letters that were waiting for me at the mission home, YAY!! It was really nice. After ZIT we were surpose to meet up with Michael but he didn't show up, slacker!! We ended up walking back to city centre from Baxter Park and it was really cold walking after 4 o'clock it was already pitch black. It gets night time looking at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. 
Thursday was a normal day of finding really hard, in the evening we tried this new thing we want to start in the ward called reach out night. It's when we get two sisters and two brothers in the ward going on Splits with missionaries. I thought it's pretty awesome, we just do it for an hour and a half going with a member teaching a investigator or visiting formers or seeing in-active members. The night before I was thinking about who I could visit and felt like giving Frank a call. He's a investigator that kinda dropped off the grid at the beginning of last transfer. He answered the phone and on Thursday Becky and I taught him. I re-committed him to be baptised and he agreed. Frank has had a really hard life and really wants to change things around through Christ. He found his friend dead two days ago and I taught him in more detail about what happens in the Spirit World, the spirit was so strong in the lesson. 
Friday was really really really cold, and that night it was suppose to get negative two degrees Celsius. The Christmas Lights were getting turned on that night and city centre looked like one big carvival. No one would talk to us and we felt invisible. And all of the crazy things going on were kinda distracting. We had to take a train to Edinburgh that night so things were just weird.
Saturday in Edinburgh I was with Sister Sams and we rocked it finding 9 Potential Investigators!! in 3 hours. I love GQing in Edinburgh you meet the coolest people and the city is beautiful. On the way back on the train that night, Sister Truman had a conversation with a drunk guy and she told him about what we do as missionaries. His name is Blair and he works on a oil rig. Some other drunk people were sitting behind us, they were all pretty nice and happy. The conversations they had to each other were really deep. Dundee when we arrived was all lighted up with Christmas lights and a huge Christmas tree!
Sunday we had Stake Conference, and one of the Seventy Elder Alan Phillips gave a talk, so did two members, Pres. Donaldson and Sister Donaldson and President Snee. It seemed to me be all about Member Missionary Work and reaching out to other people. I liked Elder Alan Phillips talk the best, it was all about how we should react to the promptings we receive to reach out to others and help them. God is trying to reach out to many of his children through his followers, we must be the light in the darkness to guild others. And how in Missionary work, there is away for everyone of us to participate in this work.

It's a really long email this week but it's been an awesome week and I just wanted to share. 

Stay warm!!
Sister Miranda Johnson,

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