Wednesday, November 16, 2016

November 13th 2016

Well what do I say about this week... It's been a really awful week in reality, I'm not going to exaggerate anything but tell it how it was. Last week I just had to usual P-day because Sister Truman and I are staying together in the same area this transfer. It's the first normal non different moves call I've ever had on my mission. I'm really glad to be staying here in Dundee with Sister Truman and I know that the both of us can still learn and grow together this transfer. It's a shorter transfer by a week and now I only have 4 more weeks left of this transfer before Christmas. Anyway, that wasn't the bad part of this week. Last Monday we had Cottage Evening, that's when the recent converts and investigators get together with the missionaries and some members in a members home and play games. We had a really good time but on the way there Sister Truman and I ran down a hill because we were running late, and I crushed my left foot in a strange way. It was super painful but I had to keep going and limped to the activity. The next morning at 1 am, I woke up to an ache in my left foot and couldn't walk on it. The pain intensified and I started to shivered from the pain. I called to Sister Truman and she was kinda freaking out, we called our leaders and they said just to elevate it and ice it until the morning. I was starting to think that I broke my foot or ankle. In the morning we went to the Hospital and they x-rayed it. It's fortunately not broken but I tore some of the ligaments in my foot. Great...
Tuesday was just going to the Hospital and Elevating my foot, Kyle and Colleen went to the doorway of our flat and kept us company. Wednesday I tried to walk on it but ended up limping/hopping a lot so we had some of the Keogh girls, help us. Sister Truman and one of them went GQing all day and another one would go with me and attempt to GQ and rested a lot. Because of that my foot got really big and the next day Thursday I tried to do a similar thing but it was a struggle so I was with Colleen in her flat. Friday it felt really weird not being with Sister Truman for almost 2 days in a row, so we spent the day GQing with each other and visiting a recent convert. Saturday I was falling unconscious because of exhaustion so in the late afternoon I ended up falling asleep at the Keogh's home while another girl went with Sister Truman. This week I felt so broken, sore, frustrated and tired. I will NEVER get sick or hurt EVER AGAIN!! it's the worst on your mission, I rather be outside in the freezing cold rain and getting rejected than not being able to do anything but be locked up in a flat for almost a whole week. I taught Michael, Patrick and Roisin this week and that was it.
We also got a new Zone Leader and District Leader. Elder Gibbs and Elder Wang. Gibbs is from Canada, haven't actually met him yet. Elder Wang is Elder Charlesworth's Companion in the Liff Ward, he's from Beijing China.  They have the District and Zone leaders call us every night. Personally I find it a bit annoying, they call us after 10 o'clock at night and I'm trying to get ready for bed. When they call us they just ask for our numbers (hours finding/teaching/potential investigators). 
I've decided that this next week is going to be awesome, nothing in Dundee is going to stop me! If I hurt my right foot, I'm going to just get crutches and keep going. (knocking on wood) 

Anyway, sorry that this email was lame.


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