Monday, October 3, 2016

September 19th, 2016

Hello everyone!

So no adventure last P-day we just had to get too much stuff, and this P-day we really need to clean the car. I've been having a stressful week because of working in two areas and having two companions. So just going to apologies up front if the email is kinda lame. With so much to do and so little time this week has gone by like a blur, if my whole mission was like this week at 18 months it would've felt like 4 months.
Tuesday we stayed in Dundee doing stuff, Wednesday went to Edinburgh to do exchanges with the STL's since last time I was with Sister Muller, I was with Sister Paxman, and Sister Six, Dahl and Muller were together. Sister Paxman has been having a tough week, on Monday morning she woke up unable to move her neck so they rusted to the ER, because her whole spine was in-pain. Fortunately Sister Muller is a Massage Therapist and treated the situation calmly. Once at the Hospital the doctors couldn't figure out what was causing Sister Paxman's Spine to be acting that way and as a bonus she has a high fever. She was in the Hospital till 4pm that night. In the end they still don't know why, but suggested that she sees a massage therapist, but her companion is one, so it was very fortunate. By Wednesday her spin is still twisted up, but she has a little bit more movement with some pain. It was a strange day for me, I was in the flat most of the time and found stuff to keep me busy. I feel so bad for Sister Muller and Sister Paxman being stuck in this situation till Sister Paxman feels better. We went out finding together for about 2 hours that day and got two appointments with people out of it. So not bad. And we went to a dinner appointment with a new family that just moved into the ward, who a Americans. It's really strange listening to American accents now because it's different than the American missionary accents. And the dinner was nice and small.
Besides from that day, nothing much more to write about.

Love you all, 
Sister Johnson

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