Monday, October 3, 2016

3rd October 2016

Greeting Everyone!

So I have a brand new companion Sister Truman she's from St George Utah and is the cutest lit' Trainee ever! I'm so excited to be training her in Dundee. White Washing for the second time is exhausting I don't know who I should talk to, where I should go and what I'm suppose to be doing. I think this mission White Washes more than other missions but I don't really know. For those who don't know what White Washing is, it's when both Missionaries in a companionship weren't in the area before the transfer and don't know anything about the area. I guess this isn't entirely white washing since I did GQ and teach here a few times before, but Sister Six organised everything and I wasn't in this area that much.
We ended up moving flats as well. So we spent the first day in this area moving to a different flat that the Elders were in originally. It's a REALLY nice flat, We had quite large rooms with high ceilings and big windows. Big Queen Size Beds, clean and the kitchen is fine enough. It's address is Flat 5 12 Dock Street. I don't know the Zip code so don't mail letters to this address yet. The flat is right in City Centre and would have an excellent view of Tay Bridge if not for the giant construction sight. One minus is that the window are old and doesn't keep out the air of outside and the sound, but we managed to work out how to turn on the heating so it's really warm in the bedroom.
Sister Truman is cold all of the time, I feel bad for her she don't know cold yet. The weather in Dundee has been really nice lately and mild. Hasn't rained at all while we are out and it's just a bit windy. She's having a hard time adjusting to missionary life and felt like these last few days have sucked. For me this week as been pretty alright, we got to meet some people and didn't get lost. Also had some dinner appointments. I hope that she'll get used to things quickly, any tips on what I can do to make things easier for her???? Being a trainer is tough. I feel a lot of stress and pressure. I was used to having a companion to help me with things working together with them, but it's not like that with Sister Truman. I have to step up and do a lot of things on my own. It's especially hard with White washing because I don't know what is happening here too. Ahhh!! I'm not very good at being productive, remembering everything and stepping up. But I'm glad I get this opportunity to grow and have a new experience this transfer to learn. If I can get through this and work hard I know I'm going to become a better Missionary and help with Life skills.
I'm SO excited to be in Dundee this is where things are happening, it's definitely a GQing area so I'm going to have to improve on my GQing skills... 😧
I love the Recent Converts here and there is a lot of investigators that have been investigating for awhile that seems like they are friends with all of the missionaries which is strange... 
Michael is a new investigators we started teaching 2 weeks ago and we've been seeing him way too much that it's over whelming him so we are giving him a break and seeing him on Thursday Morning for Pancakes. Hopefully it'll help him feel less pressure and relax him. He's so funny though, I need to right now some quotes from him...
MangSing, or Meng is a recent convert that got baptised like 4 weeks ago, went to the Temple is Preston this week end!! He had such a good time, he went with the YSA of Dundee 2nd Ward (Liff Ward). Apparently he ran around the area around the temple with Mark (Another Chinese RC) and other new people trying to find food for lunch and was really hungry all day. 
General Conference was this week end and I LOVED IT SO MUCH! Thomas S. Monson and Deter F. Uchtdorf  taught about the Plan of Salvation and I loved the emphasises that we HAVE THE TRUTH, we know where we came from why we are here and where we are going. It's amazing that we've been placed to have this and Uchtdorf talked about how as we become more familiar with some thing no matter how marvellous it is, it becomes common place and seems to loose it's value. Reflect on the significance of the simple doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, one such simple but amazing truth we had is the fact that we are a Child of God, ponder, study and reflect on the great Plan of Happiness and feel the Holy Ghost confirm the truth, and testify of it's significance.  

Love this quote

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