Friday, May 20, 2016

These are the Sister Missionaries in her District.

To Everyone!

So I've lived through a week and a half of my mission! I've learnt and hopefully progressed so much since I got here, with learning to give lessons and getting used to life at the MTC. Every minute of my day is planned already, and after dinner you would think that my day is over. NOPE I have class from 6:25pm to 9:30pm the teacher we have for that class is Brother Danner, I've been kinda mean to him in a kinda mean to him... in a joking way. We have a different teacher during the afternoon, but most of the time it's personal study, preparing to give a lesson and giving lessons. Everyone in my district are getting pretty close, and we have dumb stories and jokes that we tell one another. A kinda funny story that happened last week was that all of us sisters were sitting together at lunch and talking, I was saying how I also never really babysit, that when I'm talking to a kid it's like, "What sup?" and when I said that a senior couple was walking past and thought I was talking to them and the old lady quietly said, "good...". There's also a Sister in our District who is from Compton and there is a eternal joke saying, "It's because she's from Compton" or when we have a bottom bunk, "It's like Compton down here." Yeah... the joke isn't getting old it's always funny. Sister Afemata is her name, she's super awesome, She's going to Jamaica with Sister Swindle. 

For anyone who's going to the MTC, be careful of eating! It's like an all you can eat buffet here every meal. I always get way too much food on my tray and waste a lot of food because I don't really like the food here. All I want is oatmeal and a banana, I tried all the food here but it's kinda weird and I end up putting hot sauce on all the savory food to make it taste better. Everyone one else in my district likes the food so maybe I'm just weird. Another thing is the 'residence' me and my district sisters never make our beds and clean up because there is ZERO time to do it. So when we went back one night we had room checks and we got some adequate and alot of needs work. HAHAHA! and in the comments someone wrote, Groovy. my bed was adequate. The Elders got a perfect score because Elder Wallace is a Sergeant in the Army, so he likes everything tidy.

These are the Elders in her District.  
The Elders in my district are so nice, they're also kinda awkward but it's okay. I got a blessing from one of them the other day, and it was his first time! They're all 19 or older so no 18 year olds in the MTC yet! Elder Packer is the funniest guy in the district. We had a good laugh the other day when he was complaining about the lady that was taking his blood, he was saying that he wanted to tell her,  "It's a needle not a stick shift!" he also talks in his sleep so we hear from the Elders the crazy things he yells about in the middle of the night. Elder Suwyn is the one that wears Star Wars ties every day.

We had an awesome Devotional on Tuesday by one of the Seventy, and he served in Germany, had one baptism in his companionship on his mission. I learned from the Devotional that being a missionary requires Perseverance and Boldness. And your success as a missionary is determined by following the Spirit and exact obedience. Also working till you drop and then keep going. We also got to see the Character of Christ talk, and it was amazing! Think my personal goal as a missionary is to have Charity or Christ-like love for everyone, especially for the people that I'll be teaching in Scotland/Ireland. The main idea of the character of christ is non-selfishness that in a situation when others would turn inwards and think of themselves, Christ would turn outwards and think of others. During my mission I hope to think less about myself, but about others. It's going to be tough but I hope that I can become more selfless as I serve my mission.

Also me and my companion barely went to the outside world!! Not really we went to Wellsfargo, but it was super weird wearing the name tag and no one else is.
You guys can also send me Dear Elders which would make it easier to read all the letters not on the computer.

I can't really think of anything else to write to everyone is in general right now

Love you all!

This is her classroom that the District spends their day learning about the Gospel and how to teach the discussions to investigators.

Sister Johnson

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