Friday, May 20, 2016

Hey Everyone!

This is my first P-day in the MTC and I love it here!
I'm not even joking the spirit here is so strong and it makes me so excited to go out into the field and teach the gospel to the world. My district, (which is the group of missionaries I live with and have classes with) Are awesome! the 4 elders are going to Jamaica, and so is 2 of the sisters including my companion Sister Swindle! The other 4 sisters (including my self) are going to the Scotland/Ireland Mission. Sister Swindle is so awesome I'm so happy that she's my companion, she's from American Fork! All of the sisters in my district have so much fun together, but we also get very serious when we are studying, practice teaching, having meetings and so forth. We went to the temple together and took some photos but we couldn't workout how to email them on these computers. Don't worry we'll send them. ;) 

So I accidentally sent the email I was going to keep writing on...
The keyboards are harder to type on than what I'm used to. Awkward...
Anyway, the first time I walked away from my family was really weird. I was thinking, this is actually happening... and I was scared but after they placed the Black Name Tag on me I felt super excited and okay. I feel really different being a missionary and my time is so much more productive every minute we are kept busy going somewhere or doing something. We study the scriptures constantly, and a lot of the studying we do in with each other and hardly and teachers. I feel like a lot of the people I'm emailing is a missionary, was a missionary or going to be so, sorry about the knowing what I'm talking about exactly. 
I feel so prepared to be a missionary now, in the beginning, I was nervous and unsure but now I feel like I can really do this. Sorry that my email is boring but a lot of the time we are in a tiny classroom reading and talking. I barely go outside... 
 Love you guys!

Sister Johnson,

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