Monday, June 5, 2017

June 5th, 2017 Paisley Australia


I can't believe I've been on my mission for over a year! Time is starting to move quickly on my mission and I'm afraid I'll be home before I know it. Paisley is full of so many different characters, it kinda makes Finding on the street fun. The weather this week started off Sunny and warm, not it's rainy and cloud. Sister Ligertwood is a pretty fun companion, we do a lot of good work together. I'm excited to spend a transfer with her.
So on Tuesday I had the chance to go to the baptism of my investigator Daniel in Ayr, it's only at 30 minute train ride and I only needed permission from my zone leaders. Daniel was pretty cool to teach because we met him and three weeks later was baptized. We had no problems with the process of him preparing for baptism, he just did what we asked him to do because he had faith and trust to receive the promised blessings. Daniel felt the spirit and recognized it. His parents also came to the Baptism and wanted to take Sister Parker and me out to lunch, before they are so grateful for making Daniel the happiest he's ever been in 10 years. Seeing people change their lives like this makes all this hard work worth it in the end.
A funny thing happened on the train when we were traveling home. A woman had a bottle with fizzy stuff, she shook it for some reason and liquid burst out of the bottle and hit the window next to her, on the ceiling and on the window on the other side of the train. pretty impressive, I must say.

We were basically trying to build up our teaching pool this week and met a lot of random people​​. They aren't too promising but, hey it's a teaching pool kinda. Man called Moses from somewhere in South America, he just moved to Paisley and we see him every day. He's Catholic but interested in learning about our church so we give him unplanned street lessons every other day. Lucky for him he just got a flat down the road from us so we can see him even more often. 😉 We met a man called Raj from India my first day here and tried to teach him twice but he couldn't understand a word, I'm not too sure if it's the gospel he's interested in. A polish young man, Kasper, texted us on our way back from the baptism, I'll add one of the text messages in a picture. But basically he saw "passion in my eyes" and wanted to get ice-cream with me, Sister Ligertwood texted for me and told him sure but I'll need to bring a friend and we are missionaries. So we did get ice-cream and told him next time could we teach him about our Church and he said yes. 
Met the members on Sunday and it was really weird how this church building is exactly the same as the Ayr building. So many noisy children here, it feels kinda like my home ward during sacrament meeting.  I was forced to give the first testimony is fast and testimony meeting and introduce myself. Not too fun, I do bare my testimony is sacrament meeting most months. But it was uncomfortable doing it my first day and to be the first person. 😣

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