Wednesday, June 21, 2017

June 19, 2017

Paisley, Scotland.
So this week was pretty good actually. I'll just start with last Monday, Sister Ligertwood and I hiked up a brae looking over Paisley. It was muddy and cloudy, luckily it didn't start raining until we were on our way down and it was really light misty rain. I loved the view of Paisley and it seemed like we were in the country side but it's only a 30 minute hike away from the city. Scotland is weird like that, one minute it's a town or city the next you're surrounded by cows and green pastures. I love that you get ferns growing in the woodlands in Scotland, it reminds me of hiking in Victoria. After the hike we still had a lot of time left of our day. Since we've been feeling super tired lately we just kinda chilled in the flat for a bit and listened to music. In the Evening we went by some people that previously have been taught by missionaries in the last 10 years. While we were going by addresses we stopped and talked to a guy named Colin. He's a music teacher in a high school and is going through a divorce right now. We got his number and arranged a time to meet with him the next day.

Tuesday we had a really good District meeting. Talking about why going to church is so important so we can teach people better to attend church. I really liked how we talked about how maybe some times you feel like you don't need to go to church, but we go to church not just to help ourselves but to help others. (Mosiah 18:8-9) we promise to help others to strengthen each other. Maybe it's your experience or testimony that some one else needs to hear. Church is also a time where we show God and Christ that we remember them and love them. The sacrament is a time to become clean and renew the covenants we've made. I definately remember these things when I get home, I never thought about church being a time where I need to help others. We taught our investigator Stewart, he's still not wanting to Pray. I'm confused with him, why doesn't he feel comfortable enough to pray yet? And the best part of my day was meeting with Colin. He seems to be a really sensitive guy, about my parents age and is going through a really tough time and after speaking to him he understands that the message we share could really bless him with the comfort and strength he needs to move forward in his life. Colin's really cool in how he can really relate the scriptures to himself, I think reading the Book of Mormon will bring him alot of guidance and peace.

Wednesday we went to Glasgow on Exchanges with the STL's. I was with Sister Esplin for the day. We did ALOT of GQing (Street finding). I got a peak into the Botanic Gardens when we taught a few people on a bench slightly inside. It looks so cool, with a ton of Green-houses inside. I really hope that one day I'll be able to get a proper look inside the green-houses. It was funny being in glasgow for the 5th time on exchanges, because I'm starting to remember people that I've spoken to before on the street. A guy in a food truck recognized me and called me over. We spoke to him and his friend, in the end they gave us free fruit. I'm also getting sickened just by looking at pigeons now. While we were eating lunch I was gagging because of the pigeons that were around us. Pigeons are flying rats, so gross... The longer I've been on my mission the more aware I am of cleanliness, I'm in public areas all of the time. 🤒 In the evening we made banana bread with the STL's, and also because we like chocolate, we placed some coco in a layer of the Banana bread. It turned out okay, would've been better if it was chocolate chips. 

Thursday we did some finding, it was Sister Ligertwoods 1 YEAR mark. Since it was a special occasion we got some Five Guys. I love Five Guys in Scotland because they make it look exactly like the 5 guys in America. I was reminiscing back when I got 5 guys with my Dad sometimes. Even Sister Ligertwood an Australian agrees that 5 guys have the best burgers. Afterwards we taught a less active member and her sister. We also had Ward Council meeting, in the Paisley Ward they only have Ward Council once a month. Even when it only happens once a month they didn't have much to talk about. I don't know if there's a better way to do things, I think it just depends on the Ward and what they think Ward Council is for. 

Friday we had a bunch of appointments scheduled and everyone cancelled on us. I think it was going to be possibly seeing 5 people, and they all changed their minds or had something better to do. At least they didn't just not show up and messaged us before hand?
Saturday there was a car show in Paisley. So many cars and motor bikes, it was an early Father's Day celebration I think. We met an old man named Sam, he told us about one particularly funny event that happened in his life when he was young and wild. Sam was living in London and was dating this Ethiopian Woman. One morning she woke him up screaming and yelling complaining about politics, he told her to shut up and she threw her self across the bed and bit him hard on the arm. He said that he definitely drew blood and had to get a shot afterwards. Never saw the woman again. Also met a man who has seen alot of the world and his favourite place was Lofoten islands in Norway?
Sunday was church. Colin came to sacrament meeting and it was so good to see him there. The members were so good at making him feel welcome.

 I was running out of time and couldn't say much more about my week. Hopefully next week we'll continue to see more and more success. Also do you remember Daniel? The young man that got baptized in Ayr right after I moved to Paisley?? His parents are learning about the church now and will possibly be getting baptized this month or the next!! So exciting for them! Daniel has probably being such a good example to them and this has helped them see the power of God strengthening him. 
I heard on the street that there was a huge fire in London this week and a bunch of people were killed. So many more bad things are happening right now, it makes me really grateful for the protection I've had in my life and the knowledge of the Gospel that it will all work out in the end. 

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