Monday, May 8, 2017

20th Birthday Celebrations

Hello All of you! 

This week has been pretty good we went to a Calzean Castle, I don't have the photos yet from a member but next week I'll send some for sure. It's been really nice weather here in Scotland, we were in the sunshine all this week and had to put on Sunscreen!! I love the sun so much it makes missionary work feel so much easier. I'm so excited for summer, thinking back into December and January, it was really cold and wet. 😢 Oh well that's all in the past I'm going to be home before that starts again. Apparently this was the driest winter they've had in the past 15 years, I'm really grateful for that. Besides the weather, we've had a good week of miracles. My favourite day was Tuesday, we taught a few new people. There is this new guy we are teaching named Daniel, he's in a wheel chair because of back problems. Daniel was so touched by the spirit and the promise blessings of peace and love in his life. As we shared our testimonies of Christ and his atonement, Daniel started tearing up and at the end told us that this is the first time he's felt comfort and hope in the past 14 years of being in a wheel chair. He's only 24, so it'll be good for him to go to institute and make new friends as well. On Tuesday we had our first Game Night, we came up with having an activity where we could bring together our recent converts, investigators and members together. Bishop brought some board games for all of us to play. I played against Bishop that night, I think I might've threatened his life when he took a card from me in a game of exploding cats... In the end of the evening they pulled out a chocolate cake and sung Happy Birthday to me. I never know what to do when people sing that song to me, do you stand there smiling, do you look at the ground, do you sing along???

Jason, a young man we haven't seen in a while came with his Mum, Nikki. Nikki came to church on Sunday and loved it. The members were really warm and friendly to Nikki and invited her to a relief society activity that's coming up. We saw Chris and taught his dad on Sunday, it went pretty well and the Spirit was strong. Chris enjoyed Tuesday as well, there was a train board game called Ticket to Ride. Sister Parker played against him and said to him, "I care about your salvation, but I will destroy you at board games!"

Paula a woman that we've been teaching for a while had her heart set on getting baptized in the sea, she thought it would be more spiritual. Unfortunately the Ward wasn't too happy with the idea because of the pollution and how cold the water is. Fortunately yesterday we were able to get her to be okay with the idea of going in the font. Hopefully she and Neil will be baptized this weekend. We promised that we'll have a picnic on the beach together to make up for it. 
Sister Parker sweet talked an old man into giving us free grapes and when another old man asked if it's the Mormons that do polygamy, Parker said Actually I think it's the Jehovah witnesses... I told the man at the fruit stand that we take the bus from america to get here and Trumps grandmother was from Ayr, Scotland. All of this happened on Saturday, we're a menace to old men that day.

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