Wednesday, March 8, 2017

May 6th, 2017

This has been another long week of finding, but fortunately we are beginning to see more success in stopping people and getting their contact details, when this happens be call them a Potential Investigator. I'm been feeling a bit more positive about Ayr since the Sister Training Leaders went on exchanges with us and I'm ready to stay here another transfer. We have moves call this Saturday 12th of March. I'm expecting Sister Lawson to move, probably back to Ireland. I predicting that I might stay in Ayr, which would be the longest time I've ever stayed in a Area. We can never know for sure though, because it's all dependent on where the Lord wants us to be. We had a really cool experience this week on Wednesday, where in the morning Sister Lawson prayed that we would be able to speak to some people previously taught by missionaries and give them to opportunity to learn again. That day we spoke to so many people that were once taught by missionaries, they shared their experience and we met one young woman named Teej that wouldn't mind meeting up again. I think I could count 5 people that day that took the time to speak to us and had been taught previously, which is really unusual to happen in one day. We also had a some what scary experience this week.  

On Thursday night we stopped by the church on our way home to maybe do some cleaning, it was really dark and about half past seven. We got there and saw that the gate was unlocked and two lights were left on. It was really strange and we felt too uncomfortable to enter into the church, so we just locked the gate and called Bishop to let him know. Sister Lawson and I both grew a little paranoid and scared, so we decided to go to high street to GQ till 9pm. On the way there we walk past our flat which is fortunate because of the event which after took place. We were walking down a street up a hill, when behind us a man that didn't sound quite right (he sounded like he was on drugs or drunk) as he called  out. we looked around us and there were no one else that he could be calling too. We crossed the road, and he immediately crossed the road as well. I looked at Sister Lawson and we speed up our pace, behind us the man increased speed as well. We walked even faster, I was ahead of Sister Lawson now because I wanted to walk faster than the current pace we were on. Sister Lawson later tells me that she couldn't walk the speed I was going, at the time though I just wanted to get out of there never mind that my companion was too slow. (I had the strongest will survive mentality at the time) I looked behind me at Sister Lawson and saw that the man was literally 6 paces behind her now. When we got to the end of the street we turned left and ran across the road to our Flat. We entered behind the flat so he couldn't see where we went, the rest of the night we refused to leave our flat. After that I can't decided if we were just paranoid or the man was actually trying to approach us. I don't want to know for sure... One thing I learnt for sure is that working out is important, for the moments you need to walk faster than your companion. Hahaha!! I'm so mean... I told her that I was planning on running at him and punching him in the face if he did catch up to her, but she won't forgive me. 

On Sunday we had dinner with Sister Met San Soh, Singapourian lady who's married to a non-member that's an Australian. They built their dream house in the middle of nowhere and it's a beautiful home. The outside looks like a old barn, with the unpolished grey wood. But inside it's like a Asian explores home, with old worn wooden pieces and art from Asia and United Kingdom. She and her husband has lived all over the world, and their children with them. I has disappointed that her husband is rude about missionaries, he refuses to eat with the missionaries when they come over and won't talk to us. I'm grateful that my father is tolerant to the beliefs my family has and isn't disrespectful to guest that come to our home from our church. 

 Hope every thing is well, 

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