Monday, February 27, 2017

February 27th, 2017

Hello everyone!! 
It's been a long long week, I pushed through it and now we are here it's Monday once again.  Sister Lawson and I got our hair done on Monday, a member in Ayr paid for it and it was at a pretty alright beauty salon. I felt kinda like a rough hard mountain hiker that just walked into a doll house, when I walked in. My hair a complete mess from the rain and wind. The hair dresser washed me hair and I got it cut pretty short once again and layered, Sister Lawson got highlights. i know you guys are all sooo interested to know this. Hahaha so I'm going to stop right there and continue on with the rest of my week.
Tuesday. Boring wet and cold day.
Wednesday, in the morning we left for GLASGOW! We had exchanges with the Glasgow STLs. In the SIM we have I think 4 sets of STLs. STLs in Dublin, Belfast, Dundee, and Glasgow and the STLTs in Edinburgh. So much! (Sister Training Leaders, go on exchanges with other sisters and assist the President in training them) I was with Sister Esplin, who's from Alaska, but her parents are originally from Utah. It's so great to be back in a city where there is alot of people to stop and talk to on the street. They seem so much more polite and open than people in Ayr. Most of the GQing missionaries do in Glasgow seem to be on Byers Street and near the University there. We met with an investigator of the STL's named Ian at the Fraser Building. He's a Malaysian guy, studying something to do with Genetics. It was really funny teaching because he wrote down all these questions he's had while studying the Book of Mormon, he said that he's going in to so much Depth because his grandfather appeared to him in a dream and said "Read the Book and the truth will be revealed" I'm laughing right now because I'm imagining his grandfather saying this in the funky Malaysian accent, that sounds kinda Indian if you don't know what their accent sounds like. Anyway... It's really cool how invested he is to find out the truth.
After Dinner I met the STL's recent converts, two young women in University. They were super nice, I felt weird though teaching females close to my age. That never happens. We also taught a gay guy that evening that's a balding ginger and unusually sweaty, he's pretty nice and seems interested. I'm curious to see how far he'll go. He works every Sunday and is really busy so that's a problem. 
Thursday we taught a pretty swell lady that Sister Lawson was teaching before I came, but since Susan got her eye surgery that didn't go so well she hasn't been able to met with us. Susan is a freaking rock star! She's in her 50s I believe and is so active her whole life. She works for the queen untill recently she retired. She also was training to be an Olympic athelete and also was a trainer, she worked with Usain Bolt and knows him personally. Oh my goodness Susan is so cool. She's definately a mum to and talked about her son so much! I hope that she's still met with missionaries after Sister Lawson leaves in a few weeks probably. Besides from teaching Susan it was just a really long day in the rain and wind, trying to find.
Friday We did whatever we could to find people to teach. When we were heading to the university and walking between building, we did the usual greeting people with Hi, How are You? trying to get people to start a conversation with us, when we called out to a guy and he yelled at us while walking quickly, "I'm not in the mood for Mormons!" we just said "Hope you have a good day." and then kept walking. The man a short while later returned and apologies and said, "that was really rude of me, I've just been having a bad day sorry." We told him it was fine. I think this is the first time some one has actually apologised for being rude, it was nice for a change. 
Saturday We travelled to Cumnock with some kind members to follow up on a online referral. It's about a half an hour car ride there from Ayr. We taught this wonderful woman Naomi, she was an exchange student in Lehi Utah 20 years ago and has kept  intouch with a woman there. Her mum was recently diagnosed with terrminal oral cancer, and wanted to be reminded about the Plan of Salvation. We unexpectedly dropped by on Saturday morning and when she opened the door she looked so relieved and happy to see us. She quickly invited us in and we had a beautiful lesson with her. When we gave her a new Book of Mormon she started crying, and thanked us for coming over, she said that speaking about the Plan of Salvation has made her feel so much calm and peace about life. Naomi is also a special needs teacher and she said that this also gave her comfort for the children she is teaching. Her son also has a genetic disorder. I loved the moment we had to speak to her, hopefully we'll see her again on the 11th of March to talk to her more. 
Sunday was a long day as well, but we were able to sit down with Aairon's mum and organise his baptism on the 12th of March. He'll be baptised before church and then in that sacrament meeting he'll recieve the Gift of the Holy Ghost and be confirmed as a member. I'm so excited for him!

Hope everyone is doing well, 

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