Monday, February 13, 2017

February 13, 2017

I just past my 9 month mark on Saturday! Whoop Whoop! Now I have barely less than 9 months left of my mission. It feels super exhausting to get this far and I hope that the next bit would be easier. I hope that I can accomplish a lot more in these next 9 months than what I've done so far. This last week was really difficult. We did over 30 hours of finding in the streets and knocking on doors. And didn't have much success in lessons, we taught another old man named Patrick. He was really strange and still wants us to meet up with him again, we'll see how it goes. Graham has taken another step back because he hasn't been honest to us about how he feels about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, he tells us that he was only telling us that he believes those things to keep the peace????? Why would he want to join a church so badly if he doesn't think that it's true? I have no idea... We really tried to tell him repeatedly since the very first time we met him that be believe that Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God and the Book of Mormon is the word of God and he's said nothing about it. Sister Lawson and I also tells him to pray about these things and to read the Book of Mormon. Graham even tells us that he's read the Book of Mormon when he can't even tell me that it's about. He forgets things so easily and we remind him constantly but he isn't progressing of making any effort to do anything on his own. He might be a waste of time, Sister Lawson and I are considering just seeing him every month now. 
Sorry for the brief email this week, it's just been a really cold long week. Enjoy the photo's I took this week, the mountains across from the ocean is on the Isl of Aayran and the Sister Sharky makes a giant Yorkshire Pudding with some meat she cooked in the slow cooker during stake Conference. Basically the food they make for the missionaries is Potatos, Carrots, other veg and some kind of meat, like Sunday roast everyday.  

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