Monday, January 23, 2017

January 23, 2017 Ary, Scotland


So this week has been quite slow, thankfully the weather hasn't been that bad. Graham finally told his wife about the baptism even though we've been telling him to talk to her about it for weeks! She was not happy that he was getting baptized, she convinced him that he's rushing it and needs to wait a few more weeks/months before he can be baptized. Thankfully he's still able to join the church eventually. We had Sister's Conference this week which was awesome!! I got to see all of the Sisters in the mission for the first time ever, Sister Fisher, Six and Sly my MTC Buddies were there and it was the first time I've seen Sister Sly for months I feel like. The workshops and talks in the Conference were all really beneficial for Sisters and I got to learn some new things that I can apply to my work. We talked about our identity of Royal Daughters of a Heavenly Father, Communication Skills, Healthy Eating, Confidence, Exercise, Get-to-Know-you Games, and Women of the Restoration.  I met some sisters I've never seen before and say hello to sisters I've served around.😃 This week we also taught an investigator named Daniel this week who Sister Lawson and Sister Kim were teaching. He's now also looking into the Catholic Church that he's a baptized member of, 😒because the Sisters were teaching him about God. But he loves what we're teaching him and says it's improving his life since they first started teaching him.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to find anyone new to teach...😿 this week. Sister Kerr, the mother of the less-active family, she went to church!!! YAY!!! She's wonderful, on Saturday we went over just to teach her but instead, she fed us dinner and told us she already arranged for a ride to church. And after church, she asked us what day we're coming over for a meal this next week. Hahaha!! 😆 I love her, hopefully, next week we can see her 18-year-old daughter at church as well. Most of my mission I've hated working with fewer actives, but she's awesome and her family has so much potential. Sunday night Sister Sharky came out with us again and taught Aairon (10-year-old boy) about the Plan of Salvation. It went well, hopefully soon his mum will let him have a date set. 
This week has no other magic in it to mention, I think the real lesson I've learnt this week was inside myself. That we can change who we are isn't set in stone. To believe that you can't change or you refuse to change is to deny the Plan of Salvation. If we couldn't change then the whole reason why we were sent to earth was for naught. I'm trying to ask my Heavenly Father what I must change within myself in order to become who he wants me to be and help in apply the Atonement to make that change happen.

Hope everyone is doing well, I heard in the street that studies show that the third Monday of January is the lowest point of the year for most people. Not sure how true that is... If you're happy or not feeling too bad then you're better off than a lot of people apparently. If you do feel down, know that there is always hope and happiness around the corner.

Sister Miranda Johnson,

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