Thursday, December 29, 2016

Merry Christmas!!
So such GOOD NEWS!! FRANK GOT BAPTIZED YESTURDAY!  I'm so happy for him. He had to quit smoking for a week before he could be baptized so on the 10th we started him on 15 Steps which is a Scotland/Ireland quitting smoking program. It's such a miracle that he hasn't smoked since that day, he's been smoking his entire life and he's 50 something years old now. I'm just a bit sad as well because I couldn't be at his Baptism, I have to try and get photo's from Sister Truman...
Besides from that I'm doing well, I'm in Ayr Ward right now and it's such a beautiful place. The area I cover is huge, we take trains to go to the different towns and it's all along the seashore. It covers from Alloway to Troon, look it up on Google maps it's huge! There is about 60 members that attend this ward, so it's not very big and about 300 in-active/less-active members. Compared to the other Wards/branch I've been in the welcoming in this wards wasn't very open and friendly. Especially during Christmas time I don't feel very comfortable, hopefully over time I'll feel differently. Ary is a pretty decent sized city and has alot of people to talk to that are walking around in the streets. I got to meet a few of the investigators Sister Lawson and Sister Kim were working with and they seems so friendly and nice! But since it's the holidays we won't get to see some of them again until the new year. In the street we ran into a lady names Susan who can't meet with us until later, She had a massive dog!! Seriously it was huge, I'll send a photo of him for you to see but it doesn't do the dog justice. Apparently they only need to feed him a pound of meat a day, because they're only are suppose to walk a mile a day. I think he's called a Mastif. 
There is so much to Write about this area but we don't get long to email since Christmas is next week... our goal for this mission is 360 baptisms, last year the mission got 150ish but now to reach our goal after Frank's Baptism be got 4 left to reach 360!!

Hope everyone is going to have a Merry Christmas!! and Happy New Year

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