Sunday, December 11, 2016

December 5th, 2016


This week at the beginning was absolutely fantastic, but I may have pushed myself too hard when I feel like I was getting sick. So for the last part of last week I've had a cold. 😰 Which was super duper annoying because we planned on having an awesome week. So last week we got a message from a unknown number and it was a man named Nicolas who met sister missionaries 6 months ago but didn't hear from them since, but he had their number. He then messaged that number 6 months later and really wants to met up. We taught him at the beginning of this week, he's a recovered drug addict and wants to be baptised. Unfortunately he lives in the other wards boundaries, right next to the border. So next week we'll be passing him over to the other missionaries. 
Frank is doing well as well. He has a baptism date for the 18th of December but it's conditional if he can keep the word of wisdom for two weeks or not. He even went to church this Sunday! Michael went to church this Sunday as well, he shared a fantastic experience that he had this week when he felt like he said the first sincere prayer. He said that he asked the basic question are you there and then shortly after he felt this strange comforting peace come over him! He says that he wants to feel that way again. I love it when you can really tell that someone is changing their lives to follow Christ!! He then asked this week why we call members of the church members and not fellow Jesus Followers or something like that???? Some how he thinks Members isn't an appropriate word. What do you guys think?
Apparently there is a live feed of Dundee City Centre online, Sister Truman's mum found it online some where. So if you guys want to be creepy and try to spot the missionaries GQing in City Centre you may. 😂 There is a Christmas market in the City Square and a huge Christmas tree, so much Christmas everywhere and it doesn't really feel like Christmas for us missionaries. Sister Truman and I decorated a 2 ft Christmas tree in our flat and we've had lights up since the end of September. We have as much Christmas and we can get. What makes me most excited about Christmas is to Skype my family and watch those G and PG 13 movies all night!! Missionary work right now seems very slow at the moment because the university students have finals and then are going home for the holidays. Every one else is just stressed about parties and presents. No time for the true meaning of Christmas. 
The Light the World advent calendar is a really awesome way to bring the Christmas Spirit into the holiday season this year. I've been thinking a lot about charity in my mission and I've been trying to find more ways to develop and show Charity to others. Christmas is definitely the time of the year where people show the most charity towards their fellow men. Christ is the best example to showing love to others. He served, blessed, loved, taught, healed and cared for others we can do all of these things in our own way no matter where we are in life. Some times the opportunities to help others and show love come unexpectedly, we must always be praying and be watchful for these moments to come by. It can be towards anyone at any moment, even a small act can make a big difference. I invited everyone to check out light the world calendar and follow in the example of Jesus Christ.

See ya later!
Sister Miranda Johnson

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