Thursday, August 4, 2016

Day Proselyting in Edinburgh


So as always in mission life it feels like an emotional roller coaster. We've been so busy these past few days, teaching, visiting and finding. On Tuesday we got to visit the STL (sister training leaders) in Edinburgh and do splits with them. I got the awesome German Sister Muller, it was a really good day of talking to random people in the streets and I've realized even more how awesome it would be to have an area in the city because there are such a wider variety of people that would actually stop and listen to you. We even had a first lesson with this young woman who we just barely met. Time just flew by so quickly that day, we ended the day reading the Book of Mormon with a recent convert and even went finding with him. I loved Edinburgh, it's such a cool city and I'd feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to serve there eventually. But we'll see. Sorry that I didn't take any pictures of the city, we were just far too busy that day. 
Wednesday we were walking briskly back to our car because our parking ticket was about to expire when Sister Stein stopped this rough looking guy walking out of a shop. We told him briefly about what we do and asked if he had time for us to talk to him more about what we believed. He said he did so we went to Starbucks to talk to him about the Gospel and the Holy Ghost. He seems to be interested so we got another appointment with him on Thursday. We decided it would be good to teach him at the chapel and on the way the man ran into a recent convert David and David walked him the rest of the way to the chapel. We showed the man around the building with Brother Johnstone and we really felt the spirit as the members basically taught the man about the church and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
Even though this man has gone through so many hard things in this life I have faith that God sent him to us and we feel really hopeful about this coming week with him. 
Another good story is about this ex-commmunicated guy Billy, the missionaries have been seeing forever. Sister Stein and I decided to go through all of the first lessons you teach someone before baptism. In that time since we've first meet him to now he's progressed so far. When he was first baptised he didn't quit smoking and drinking but now he's gone two weeks without smoking!! You can see a light growing in his eyes and the power of the atonement working within him. I have such a strong testimony now in the power of change that the gospel has on people. He called us randomly on Thursday telling us he's ready to go back to Church!! (such a big step he's had some hard feelings preventing him) Saturday morning was we were preparing for the day I got a strong impression that Billy was ready to be re-baptised soon, Sister Stein felt the same way and he brought it up in the lesson that day!! We spoke to the branch president and he needs to make some calls to check things, but both him and us don't think it's going to be that serious, fingers crossed!!

Even though he isn't technically an investigator it's still awesome to be in the role where we are bring people closer to our Heavenly Father and Savior. I feel so honored to be in the role and I can feel such a great responsibility being here.
Perthshire is such a beautiful place, on our way back from knocking on a former investigator's door we had to pull over and check out an amazing lake. There were swans in it and the sun was kinda setting. I love the scenery all over here.
Have a great week!! 

Sister Johnson,

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