Monday, August 22, 2016

15th August 2016‏

Good day everyone!
I hope everyone has been doing well. Right now I'm in Edinburgh Mission Home, with a bunch of missionaries. Sister Stein will be flying back to the Netherlands tomorrow morning and I'll just been chilling out till my new companion Sister Dahl, comes from Ireland on Wednesday. I'm be follow up training her, so for those who don't know how training works for Missionaries. We get trained in the MTC, but then get field training for the first 2 transfers or approximately the first 12 weeks of our mission. With that training we have in the companionship a trainer and a junior companion. Since I've done 2 transfers so far I'm done with my training and Sister Dahl has finished her 1st transfer. I'm going to be her trainer for her 2nd last bit of her training. A little bit scared and excited at the same time to be leading the area of Perth. No more Sister Stein... I'm going to miss her. Sister Dahl doesn't know what she is getting her self into. 
Sister Stein and I last week was interesting, I'm not sure what to think of it, we had our ups and downs. Alot of the time we visited members and I don't really rember... Time just really goes by way to quickly. P-day on Monday was pretty cool, after I emailed in the morning we went to Cluny Gardens, without really meaning to we just followed the road signs to the Highland Chocolatier but didn't eat any of the Chocolate... So sad... and then saw a sign to Cluny gardens. Curious we just drove to it and it's pretty fasinating. We spoke to the owner of the garden and said that it was all planted in 1950s by his step-dad the House was there since then as well and his step dad used it as his veternarian practice. In the garden there is all sorts of weird tropical plants from all over. 
On Wednesday I think we went to Brother and Sister Watford's house, they live pretty far away from Perth, but it's beautiful out here. Surrounding there house is forest and little fields and rolling hills (they call mountains) and in the Photo you can see a massive loch that is right infront of their home. They've lived there for 27 years I think and as they lived there they've turned this little cottage on a slope into a home. removed tons of dirt to make leveled ground, and Sister Watford keeps a beautiful veggie and fruit garden.
Billy is doing so well spiritually and continues to study the atonement, he unfortunately isn't doing good health wise since Friday and couldn't make it to Church this sunday. Right now in Perth we just really need to find people to baptise and teach so bad, my new companion and I are going to do so much finding this week and try and find one more new person between Thursday and Sunday! Pray for us to succeed!
I've been thinking about Family History so much on my mission and continue to feel the pressure from my anstors to do the work for them in the temple. First thing though I need to find the names, and build my family tree on familysearch. I have to wait to do that when I get home, right now I'm doing the work for the living.
Ahhh! just so much stuff is going through my mind right now I can't write a proper email this week. 😛 It wasn't a bad week, I love Perth it's just RESPONSIBILITY, I want to do really well this transfer and get some one closer to christ!​

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