Monday, July 25, 2016

Hey Guys!

So first of all I'm going to apologise if this email sounds depressing, every missionary I feel like has one of these weeks in the mission.
So a whole bunch of people that we've been teaching about 80% of them has dropped us this week, just stopped answering the phone or the door. The girl Isabella that was suppose to be baptised just disappeared off the map. It's kinda frustrating that people don't understand that we are only here for them, not for us. So we continue to have hope and feel concern for people when they don't answer the phone. I think it's just they might be too scared to tell us upfront that they are not interested anymore.
What my companion and I are doing right now if to doing right now is finding new people to teach, It's really difficult but we will succeed. You haven't failed until you've given up. Those are words I'm living by right now.
One positive thing that has strengthened me and given me smiles is the Members, they are so great in inviting us over for dinner and inviting us to a BBQ they has this Saturday. I helped with the BBQ in the beginning because no one knew what they were doing. HAHA!! fortunately a Polish man came later and did a much better job than what I was doing. A member took photos, I'll try and get them. It's fun getting to know the members and I hope I'll be able to help them get closer to one another. I never realised till this week that for some people having friendships in the ward is so important for them to remain active in the church. It's kinda sad to me when people don't get fellow-shipped or someone offends them and they just stop going. I didn't think some people's salvation would be so lenient of those they attend church with. Don't get me wrong though, it's really fantastic when a group of people join together and strengthen one another in the sharing of testimonies, friendships and the strength of the Spirit it combined. I hope that this Branch will be able to come closer to one another and enjoy lasting friendships, and not have barriers between themselves. The biggest barrier I think for us missionaries in this area is for people to feel comfortable and have friendships so once they are baptised they stay active. Let me know if any of you have tips or ideas for things that I as a missionary can help.
Last P-day we went to a trail and saw this awesome waterfall/river thing. The drive out there was amazing, so many trees and greenery I loved it!
We also did some adventuring to, we decided to drive out of a random village near Newburgh but on the way we came upon a CASTLE, well it might not have been a castle but an entrance of a wall. It still looked super cool. So sneakly we climbed over a gate and ran across a field. It was very lumpy with some mud and tall scratchy plants; picture us doing this in our skirts wearing tights and flats, Running as fast as we can aswell. When we got to the "Castle" it was pretty epic looking, with a river going underneath it and plants growing all around it. We took pictures next to it and then ran across the field again. Jumped over the gate and drove off as fast as we could. When we got to the Village it took us 5 seconds to drive through it... So we just drove back to Newburgh to continue finding. Some times you just need something to lift you up after a depressing day.
The weather here is so weird, some days we had it's been hot and sunny but other's it rains on and off.Confounded face Lately it's been crazy every day, I feel so fortunate to have a car.Automobile Also I haven't seen the sun in a month so enjoy it if you have it. It doesn't feel like summer at all here.
Hope you all are enjoying the sunshine!

Love, Sister Johnson

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