Monday, June 27, 2016

Hey Everyone!

This week has been awesome! Sister Stein and I invited 5 people to be baptized and they all accepted! I'm so excited for the many awesome new friends we are getting to know and taught this week. We have a two Brazilian women, a guy from Bangladesh, another from Malawi, another from somewhere else in Africa and meet many other awesome people as well. It's so funny that  in Dublin we teach more foreigners than Irish, maybe perhaps I think I've only taught foreigners since I got here. It seems as though Ireland is easier to do international study and work visas than any other European country from what I get speaking to the people in the street. Yes, I know the UK has left the EU, it was a surprise to everyone it seems. I think this will get Wales and Scotland to finally break way because I don't think they wanted to leave the EU, we'll see what happens I guess. Anyway back to the mission, We have so many recent converts who are Brazilian in the ward and a lot of them don't speak English well, in the ward in general there is quite a variety of people but the Brazilians are the friendliest and nicest group of people I've ever meet so far. We had some pretty great meals with the members this week, and I'm so happy to have such kind and helpful members to teach with. Back home I would definitely encourage you to offer to help teach with the missionaries, having a member present in a lesson is so important. We sisters especially need another woman present in a lesson in  order to teach a man, and it's great for the investigator to have a friend in the ward. I know for some this is news you already know, but investigators that came from a referral from a member is more likely to be baptized, I think an important reason for this is because they know what the members are like and feel more comfortable going to church if they know some one there. 
I'm so grateful for the Brazilian members who teach with us because one of the new investigators we are teaching, Veri (shortened), she can't speak English and so we had a return missionary from Brazil, Giselle teach with us. We couldn't teach without out her, I know Veri is so prepared and ready to hear the gospel. When Giselle bore her testimony in Portuguese the Spirit was so strong in the room. Even though I don't know exactly what she was saying, Sister Stein and I were getting teared up. Teaching this week I've felt the Spirits presence so strong during the lessons with a lot of these people. Teaching the other Brazilian, Magli was an awesome experience too. When I asked about what she thought about the Book of Mormon she said that it made so much sense that Christ visited and taught other people. She says that she knows that Christ loves everyone so why wouldn't he visit everyone else that wasn't in the Middle East. I feel like these two women has such a personal connection with the Book of Mormon because it's about their people, I'm so excited for them to read the moment in the Book of Mormon when Christ comes down and speaks to the ancient Americans. I know that they'll both find out for themselves that the Book of Mormon is true if they read, ponder and pray about it.
I've meet other awesome people to besides Brazilians, but they are the first women that I've taught and feel pretty good about.
The weather in Dublin has been rainy, every day it rains... I don't like the rain. There has also been a lot of excitement about the LGBT parade on Saturday, Literally the whole city was along the main road cheering at the parade. We went into the center to meet up with the Elders for lunch at Boogums (a fast food burrito place, it's okay but I don't want to eat there everyday like the Elders 🌯) And they were way to excited about it. I don't think it's smart for us missionaries to be anywhere near the parade, some of the Elders had people take photos with them. And I'm thinking it's really dumb... but whatever it's their decision. The Parade was kinda respectful, but really weird and crazy with men dressed as women and rainbow every where and just strangeness all around. It make our day entirely unproductive because the buses didn't run properly and no one wanted to talk to us, I personally didn't want to talk to someone about religion, then have them ask questions or immediately come to conclusions and start arguing with me.  Sister Stein and I had a dinner appointment with Giselle and Paulo the next day and they told us the LGBT parade is super sketchy, with some inappropriate things, so I respected that this parade wasn't that bad. 
Another disturbance to the peace of finding is the Football game, every time Ireland plays the Pubs are full and the streets are empty. It's hilarious how important sports is to a culture, I personally don't know what the excitement is ever for. 
My mum asked about the Elders in the district so now that I know all their names I can finally talk about them without being embarrassed. Elder Matthews came the same day I did from New Zealand, he's super tall and quiet but has a interesting personality. His companion is the beloved Elder Forward from Whales, he's kinda short so it's funny seeing the tall dark skinned Quiet Elder next to the loud short white Elder. Elder Forward has quiet the confident personality but kinda immature, all of the Elders are like that though...
Elder Peterson is the District Leader and he's from Idaho. He's really short and looks young, his companion Elder Trease is from Ogden Utah. All of the Elders text and call Sister Stein way too much and about the dumbest things. Even though they are "Flappers" it's nice to have other Missionaries near by, I love running into them in the street because it gives me confidence and makes me feel like I'm not alone.
We went to Babs and did some service for her, putting a bunch of chocolate bars in baggies for her friends in Utah that she's visiting soon. She used to work for Cadbury so she has a thing for chocolate. She literally has 500 chocolate bars I feel like in her house. Or more. I'll send a picture.

Anyway LOVE YOU ALL!! And have a wonderful week Winking face

Sister Johnson

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